Tore Neset, Puls 2/1980:

Wigwam: Rumours On The Rebound

This is a free translation of a review published in the Norwegian music paper Puls in 1980

This is a compilation album containing material from four albums that Wigwam [and Jim Pembroke] released between 1975 and 1977. It doesn't cover their entire story but the period they devoted themselves to melodic song-oriented pop rock.

I admit that I donít know much about Wigwam, but this double LP reveals that the group belongs to the most unfairly ignored outfits in the history of rock music. Itís a wonder why such an outstanding group fronted by as competent a writer as Jim Pembroke didnít have a commercial breakthrough. The notes on the back cover give an impression that the members preferred living in Finland where they had a relatively large and enthusiastic following. They seem to have done little to build on the growing interest in England.

It is sad that Wigwam are now history and their records hard to find. This compilation gives comfort. The music offers hints of 10cc but with less studio technology and more style. It also mirrors the Beatles but with stronger musicianship and tighter editing. Genesis also come to mind. Jim Pembrokeís writing is not very unlike Peter Gabriel's. Still, Wigwam have their own strong unique identity. I believe that Wigwam could have been an outstanding improvising band, but this could easily have resulted in somewhat boring music. On this compilation Wigwam present brilliant musicanship with catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics with subtle poetic irony.

This album is recommended to all of those who were not there at the time.