Pekka Pohjola Albums: Changing Waters

Changing Waters cover
  1. Benjamin (Introduction)
  2. Waltz For Ilkka (Ilkan valssi)
  3. Innocent Questions
  4. Fanatic Answers
  5. Changing Waters
  6. Waltz For Outi (Outin valssi)
  7. Benjamin
Music written and arranged by Pekka Pohjola

CD: Pohjola Records PELPCD5 (1992)

Pekka Pohjola, electric bass, electronic drum fills & bass synthesizer (4), first piano theme (6)
Seppo Kantonen, keyboards
Markku Kanerva, acoustic and electric guitars
Anssi Nykänen, drums (4-7)
Markku Ounaskari, drums (1, 2)
Jukka Pohjola, first violin, violin solo (6)
Susanne Helasvuo, second violin
Teemu Kupiainen, viola
Matti Pohjola, cello
Teemu Salminen, clarinet (2, 4), flute (4)

Cover by Kai Nilsson