Jim Pembroke Albums: If The Rain Comes

If The Rain Comes cover
  1. If The Rain Comes 4:57
  2. Gone With The Song 4:34
    Medley: Columbus In India/Love Is Easier
  3. Columbus In India 5:19
  4. Love Is Easier 3:07
  5. Forever Kinda 3:18
  6. The DNA Club 1:05
  7. A Former Army 4:48
  8. Doo-Wah 4:06
  9. My Time Again 3:27
  10. The Birds Of Summer 6:19
  11. Midnight In Abbey Road 4:26
CD: TUM Records TUM-A CD 007 (2014)
Jim Pembroke, vocals, electric piano, grand piano, background vocals
Pedro Hietanen, Hammond B-3 organ (2-4, 9-10), grand piano, clavinet, accordion
Jukka Orma, electric, slide and acoustic guitars, background vocals
Ulf Krokfors, double bass
Mika Kallio, drums, percussion

Also featuring:
Manuel Dunkel, tenor saxophone (5, 8, 11)
Henrik Otto Donner, trumpet and background vocals (6)
Jukka Harju, French horn (7)
Jukka Gustavson, Hammond A-100 organ (1-2, 7, 11)
Roni Martin, background vocals (5-6) Cady Pembroke, background vocals (6)

Strings (3-5, 9, 11):
Jukka-Pekka Koivisto, First violin
Erkki Lasonpalo
Meelis Milli
Kaisa Ivars, Second violin
Krista Rosenberg
Janne Ahvenainen, Alto violin
Barbora Hilpo
Iida-Vilhelmiina Laine, Cello

Recorded by Lynn Allred at LA-Audio Studios in Olathe, Kansas, USA, in April 2012 and in March and April 2013
Strings recorded by Janne Malén at Karelia House in Tammisaari, Finland, in November 2012
Horns and other additional instruments and additional background vocals recorded by Janne Malén at DER in Tammisaari, Finland, from November 2012 to May 2013
Mixed by Risto Hemmi at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland, in August and September 2013, in collaboration with Pedro Hietanen and Jukka Orma
Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios in May 2014
Produced by Henrik Otto Donner
Executive producer: Petri Haussila
Cover design by Juha Lökström

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