Jim Pembroke's Gigs in Various Line-ups

[Solo gigs] [Taverner's Guild] [The Beatmakers] [The Pems] [Otto Donner Treatment] [Hurriganes] [with Kojo] [with Kojo Band] [Jim Pembroke Band] [with Jukka Orma] [Jimbo] [Hasse Walli All Stars] [with Houserockers] [Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen] [Surfin' Pumpkins] [Filthy Rich] [Heinäsirkka] [Royal Philharmonics] [with Rekku Rechardt] [Stadin Juhlaorkesteri] [with Rekku Rechardt & Pekka Pohjola] [Tolonen/Pembroke Cover Project] [with occasional bands]

The following gig lists are far from complete and may contain errors. If you have further info about dates, venues, set lists etc., please contact me: gmerilainen [at] live.com.
An audio tape is known to exist of the performances marked with an asterisk (*).

Solo gigs

Taverner's Guild

The Beatmakers

The Pems

Otto Donner Treatment


with Kojo

with Kojo Band

Jim Pembroke Band

with Jukka Orma


Hasse Walli All Stars

with Houserockers

Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen

Surfin' Pumpkins

Filthy Rich

Heinäsirkka & Jim Pembroke Duo

Royal Philharmonics

With Rekku Rechardt

Stadin Juhlaorkesteri

With Rekku Rechardt & Pekka Pohjola

Tolonen/Pembroke Cover Project

With occasional bands