Rekku Rechardt & Snakecharm Band:
Tavastia, Helsinki thu 09.11.2000

74 min's, set list w/ guest titles
  1. "Lumo number 1" >
  2. "Lumo number 2" >
  3. "Käärmeenlumo"
  4. "Lumo number 3" >
  5. Pariisi
  6. Seitsemäs lumo (w/ drum solo)
  7. Delirium
  8. "Lumo number 4"
  9. "Lumo number 5"
© Teijo Salminen

See photos by Teijo Salminen.
Snakecharm offered such a great evening that it was a pity to see Tavastia being so empty. I was expecting kind of a big rush, you know, backed by Wigwam's 2000 reunion, Fresh Garbage, Nuclear Netclub's "update day every day" explosion & success, re-awakened media attention…

The lineup was the same as on Snakecharm's February 2000 gigs: Rekku on guitar, Tommy Eriksson of Ageness on keyboards, Raul Vaigla of Estonian Ultima Thule on fretted and fretless bass guitars, Jari "Kepa" Kettunen of Wigwam & HBTB on drums. Hannu "Guts" Leiden of Havana Black fame sang on Käärmeenlumo, Pariisi & Delirium and banged some indian drum as well.

Rekku's standard Hoyer guitar was present on the stage but was not used. Maestro played red Les Paul instead. Wah wah pedal was in constant use. I think he didn't toy with other effects but I might be wrong.

The show was very dynamic, much more than the Vanha gig I think. Kettunen's drumming had more nuances and Eriksson's keyboard work even reminded me of Esa Kotilainen's Wigwam efforts during 1975-77. Esp. the first song was gorgeous, slightly Krautrocky with crystal clear keyboard layers, not forgetting the third, very meditative one which showed Vaigla changing to fretless bass with beautiful, singing sound.

Pariisi features the same composition as Wigwam's Skyscraper. I guess I prefer Skyscraper, although Pariisi suits well on Snakecharm repertoire. The solo part in the end gives good soloing space to Rekku.

Delirium is so good a song that it gives you a feeling you are listening to a Suomi-rock classic - even if it's first time you are hearing the song. Arto Melleri's lyrics tell about Paris & Jimi Hendrix and features great hook line "sain huoneen hotellista, jonka nimi on Delirium" ("got a room from a hotel called Delirium").

Zeppelin-influenced Seitsemäs lumo was broadcast by Finnish Radiomafia some time ago when Rekku was interviewed. (I'm not sure whether you English speaking folks know that Rekku & Snakecharm have finished album on the vaults but not released. Rekku is even not sure if he wants to let it to be published, wondering if some tracks should be redone.) The song sounded now almost as good as on the aired version with Sami Kuoppamäki on drums… Kettunen played quite a humorous solo which got good response from Tavastia audience. Not typical heavy rock drum bashing, really. Funny sticky sounds, peaceful cymbal work etc.

The encore reminded of Steve Vai - some kind of power guitar rock. Not a bad number either. I guess we slightly missed Vanha gig's encores though: Bless Your Lucky Stars & Pigstorm. Rekku exited the stage with Neil Young -like grin on his face, waving with unemptied beer bottles (I guess he was too busy playing to think about drinking). He sure was enjoying himself.

I'm pretty sure that Snakecharm could find many more friends than it currently has. This is the kind of good time guitar rock that you don't have to be familiar with earlier… I mean, perfect soundtrack to beer drinking & chatting (not that I like people chatting while Rekku's playing), great watching to young guitar players, nice music to listen to while hanging with your Joyce Berg/young Maarit Hurmerinta/Appe Vanajas -like post hippie girl (there sure were some in Tavastia). Besides these beauties I saw young lions Mats Huldén & Harri Vainikka of Hottoe/Sahti in audience. The most humorous thing was that I began chatting with a guy who photographed the gig, saying to him he should post the photos to Mikko's site. He said he's published his Wigwam pictures on internet already… I was talking with Teijo Salminen. This really is a small country. It's nice to see Wig-fans familiar from internet face to face. How about arranging some conventions during January 2001 tour?

-- Suonna Kononen