Wigwam at Linnajazz, Hämeenlinna, 13.07.2003

  1. Bless Your Lucky Stars
  2. Must Be The Devil
  3. Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose
  4. Bitesize
  5. Answer To Life
  6. Colossus >
  7. Bertha Come Back > Colossus (short reprise)
  8. Heaven In A Modern World
  9. Tombstone Valentine
  10. Do Or Die
  11. Nuclear Nightclub
  12. No New Games To Play
Line-up: Jari Kettunen (drums), Jussi Kinnunen (bass), Esa Kotilainen (keyboards), Jim Pembroke (vocals, keyboards), Pekka Rechardt (guitar)
See also photos by Jarmo Savinainen and David Roberts.
Photos © Jaakko Halonen