Wigwam at Tavastia, Helsinki, 29.05.2002

  1. Remains To Be Seen
  2. Subterranean Sunrise
  3. Bitesize
  4. To The Other Side
  5. The Lost Lizard King
  6. Drinks On The House
  7. Good Mornington Street
  8. Titans Wheel
  9. Drive On Driver
  10. Greatfield
  11. Heaven In A Modern World
  12. That's The Way
  13. Titans Wheel "hidden track"
  14. Freddie Are You Ready
  15. Do Or Die
  16. Bless Your Lucky Stars

Line-up: Måns Groundstroem (bass), Jari Kettunen (drums), Esa Kotilainen (keyboards), Jim Pembroke (vocals, keyboards), Pekka Rechardt (guitar)
© Otto Santala
Wigwam at Tavastia 29.05.02

Photo gallery by Otto Santala.