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Name : Jani
Message : Itse en aluksi muistanut Alppu-DVD:llä olevaa sessiota, kun kuulin sellaisen löytyneen. Kyseessä on ilmeisesti johonkin tv-juttuun tehty pätkä. Ko. ohjelma saattaisi olla kolmosteeveen aloittaessa siellä pyörinyt sarja Veljeskunta, jossa näytteli paljon Jimin tuttuja. Muistelen ainakin olleeni joskus tekemässä joitain studiosessioita sarjaa varten.

  04/07/07 21:27

Name : Urpo
Message : Jim Pembroke is rapping on Faustburger. He doesn't rap in a hip hop way. On "Faustburger theme" Pembroke is telling the story while the band is playing. He is a narrator or what is it in English. On the last track "Probability rap" there is only Pembroke himself rapping for 30 seconds. Something funny for the end, loppukevennys in Finnish. These are Benjamin Antell's lyrics. So there are no Pembroke's lyrics and he is not singing or playing. Just rapping, not emceeing.
  03/07/07 11:59

Name : the Tanskalainen
Message : Going back to the "Faustburger" CD, which was debated here a week or two ago. I haven't got it but I see that Jim Pembroke has some involvement with it. Can anyone tell my what exactly his contribution is?

PS. I really enjoyed the information about the "Pigworm" recordings. It was all new to me. Yes, they have salvaged that album very well. To my mind this was the best ever Wigwam line-up, and this was their only studio album, though released as a Pembroke solo. A real treasure.

  02/07/07 21:39

Name : Suonna
Message : Lehteen tuli arviokappale uudesta Albert Järvinen -dvd:stä. Mielenkiintoisena pisti näin aluksi silmään aiemmin julkaisematon Pembroke-biisi "Boneheads", jonka musiikkivideo on siirretty dvd:lle tv:stä nauhoitetulta vhs:ltä, jonka alkuperä/ajankohta on tuntematon. Biisi on Jimin amerikka-AOR-henkisten vetojen sarjaa Filthy Rich-Light Ages-hengessä, Albert soittaa elegantin lyhyen soolon. Kokoonpanossa Jimpan ja Alpun lisäksi Filty Rich -väkeä. Muistaisiko Jan mistä sessiosta oli kyse?
  02/07/07 20:53

Name : Jani
Message : The problem with Pigworm was that just before the recording started Finnvox studios got a new Dolby system. Unfortunately, they used the system the other way round by mistake - instead of reducing tape hiss they actually made thing worse with every recording.

Actually, I think they did a very good job of getting rid of that hiss with the remastering. The sound is little compromised but at least you now can hear what's going on.
  29/06/07 20:59

Name : the Tanskalainen
Message : Just a short comment regarding double-tracking. It is used, surely, for the reasons mentioned by Matti and sometimes creatively (as on Pembroke's "Pigworm" LP). Generally, however it is used to cover up less than perfect performances, particularly from vocalists. It smooths out imperfections such as the singer being out of tune, but it also blurs out dynamics and vibrato, killing the emotional delivery somewhat. Not to be used unless strictly necessary, I would say (or, as already mentioned, creatively).
  28/06/07 16:08

Name : Dolpher, Guelph, Canada
Message : anyone heard if we can expect a remaster of the "Dark Album" anytime this year to finish the remastered 70's recordings?..Mind you it would be great to have extra tracks from "Rumours on the Rebound" added..(nudge nudge)

  28/06/07 14:55

Name : the Tanskalainen
Message : Interesting, all this stuff about the new edition of "Being". I didn't know it was remixed, only thought it was remastered. If a double-tracked piano is missing along with other similar features, it could be a sign that they are not on the original master tapes but in fact were added (directly through the mixer)when the whole thing was originally mixed. This was often done in "the merry old days of yore" because of the limitation in the number of tracks. Today, when groups remix their old tracks, they sometimes have to call in original members to reconstruct what they did some 40 years ago in this respect. Apart from that, I find it is rarely a good idea to remix classic recordings, the Who being a prime example. The new mixes are nice and clean, but you can suddenly hear how totally untogether the playing was. The old messy, shambolic mixes sounded just fine.
  28/06/07 14:23

Name : Matti
Home page : http://maza.fi/
Message : Regarding the piano solos on Being. I've listened to both the remixed/-mastered and the old version and I think that what actually is missing is just a "double" of the solo. This is a thing that affects sound but in practice no notes are missing.

The same applies to some vocals.

Doubling a track is a common trick to do while recording an album. For example practically all modern rock albums have their guitar tracks doubled (or quadrupled, or...) to create "bigger" sound. It also
makes possible to "make room" in the center for vocals etc.

Still I have to admit that even while I first listened to the remixed version of Being, I like the original version more. The new one sounds too modern to my ears. :-)
  28/06/07 10:38

Name : Spiff
Current favourite song : Johnny Cash: Desperado
Message : Briefly, the remixed and remastered 2nd cd release of "Being" was severely criticized by knowledgeable fans because 1) certain tracks seemed to be in less than perfect sync, and 2) one of two superimposed Fender Rhodes solos had simply disappeared.
  28/06/07 02:44

Name : EsaJii
Message : Go ahead and buy the reissues except Being, try to get the old CD.
  27/06/07 21:23

Name : the Tanskalainen
Message : Thanks EsaJii. I've put my own Wigwam on vinyl, too, and funnily just to do that cuts down the noise a bit, probably because CDs don't reproduce very high frequencess. The worst of them was "Pigworm", a very bad pressing of a fantastic LP, so I ended up buying the CD. It's a bit over bright but nevertheless a huge improvement. I think Love used to cut a few corners with vinyl quality but the early CDs from the 1990s were surprisingly good. I've heard bad things about the later re-mastered version, but so far no has told me what exactly the problem is. Anywhat, that has kept me from buying them so far.
  27/06/07 19:22

Name : EsaJii
Message : The webmaster has been helpful. I know we have the other Wigwam forum, but it almost died already. If you post your item in English I can even trnaslate the text to Finnish in the same forum in another section. Copy and paste this to see the page.

  27/06/07 16:29

Name : EsaJii
Message : I had theose albums transferred from LP to CD, but have now misplaced them. They were pretty worn anyway, and I have no noise removal.

Tanskalainen, come visit www.palasokeri.com You can post in English and see if anybody there can help. I think the site is in Finnish, but should not be too hard to register and log in. It has broad prog rock band coverage among Finns.
  27/06/07 15:57

Name : the Tanskalainen
Message : Thanks for the offer, but I want to keep the vinyl. Sentimental value, fine artwork and all that. Alt godt, Claes
  27/06/07 15:27

Name : Måntte
Message : I can trade them CD:s for those original LP:s you have :P
  27/06/07 14:36

Name : the Tanskalainen
Message : Does anyone know a website from which you can download Wigwam albums as MP3? I still need to get Fairyport and Being and found a US site that had Being for sale as MP3, but the tracks were with some other artist! I have the original vinyl albums, of course, but they weren't very good pressing. I would like to have the CDs (particularly the first generations remasters), but since I don't need the artwork etc. a good option might be just to download from the net. If the stuff is available, that is. Any suggestions? Terveisin, Claes
  27/06/07 13:25

Name : EsaJii
Current favourite song : Chicken Shack: Remington Ride
Message : "Anyone who has bought the latest issue of Uncut Magazine (with the free Prog Rock CD featuring Wigwam!)..."

I knew I forgot something. I have the CD, gave the magazine to my son. The Prog CD is a bit uneven. Uncut did a much better job with the psychedelic CD a few years back.

About the only box with a Wigwam cut I have liked was Supernatural Fairytales. I actually listen to those CDs once in a while.

Fairyport is an unusual selection for Uncut, as the cut is pretty long. Unless they were just trying to fill up 80 minutes.
  26/06/07 23:33

Name : uitgang dänemark
Current favourite song : McCartney:My Love
Message : idioottimaisen wahwah-lopun kehitti jimmy page whole lotta loveen '73 paikkeilla. Ihmetyttää, että zeput joutuivat blues-varkaan rooliin, kun homma kuului ajan kuvaan. Jos tutkii vaikka honky tonk womenin (tai monien muiden Richardsin riffien) viritys/sointupohjaa, niin lähteitä tuskin tarvitsee kaukaa hakea.

Beatles on paras ! Älkää väittäkö vastaan.
  26/06/07 23:17

Name : ojk
Message : Olettekos huomanneet ( did you notice)
että Wigwameillekin on laitettu pystyyn oma Myspace-sivu? Check http://www.myspace.com/wigwamfinland
  26/06/07 21:43

Name : Petteri
Home page : http://www.city.fi/lehti/article.php?id=2233
Current favourite song : Steve Reich - Music for 18 musicians
Message : Jukka Tolosen suht tuore City-lehden haastattelu linkissä. Jutun mukaan Tasavallan presidentiltä ilmestyy tänä vuonna kansainvälisille markkinoille tarkoitettu dvd.
  25/06/07 17:16

Name : Hullu Hakkarainen
Message : Mo

ja kiitokset mikolle.
Kirja tekee sen mitä pitikin, palvelee yhtyeen tarinaa, tuli vetästyä aika putkeen ja olo on kuin wigu keikan jälkeen, sekava mutta pureva, hoh, jatkoja ja jatkoa odotellen...

  21/06/07 12:36

Name : TimoV
Message : Ja jos jotain kiinnostaa, niin Elonkorjuu heittää keikan Hämeenlinnan Linnajazzissa la 14.7. Rantakasinolla.
  21/06/07 10:58

Name : TimoV, Tampere
Current favourite song : Bachman/Cummings: Like a Rolling Stone
Message : Hesarin NYT liitteen mukaan Tasavallan Pressa heittää kesällä kolme keikkaa, yksi on 11.8. Vilppulassa, Vilppulankoski Jazz 2007 tapahtumassa. Onko kenelläkään havaintoa, missä muualla Pressa keikkailee tänä kesänä.
  21/06/07 10:48

Name : the Tanskalainen
Message : Kiitos, Jusu. Nice to see a lot of debate going in Finnish and if, occasionally, something important like this comes up, please remember that the rest of us are hungry for news, so dropping us a note like this (excellent English, by the way) is much appreciated. De bedste hilsner, Claes

PS. Anyone with even the remotest interest in northern Scandinavian folk should check out these two phenomenal groups: Flod and Slatta, from either side of "Bottan".
  18/06/07 13:24