Lyrics: Being

Lyrics are in the form they have been printed in the leaflet that follows with the original album version. However, included here are only those verses that can be heard on the album.


by Jukka Gustavson

Worn through by now, all pain
property, trickery; Political treasury, politics,,
lush lies
Bitterness, repeating myself, impotence;
and the pink backs, being breathed
into stupor; sucking
Scabbing. Scrathing..I'm punished-
The Mob ever drunker; comrades,,
there always.
And the leaders, the bosses, responsibility flags, salaries soar-
graftsmanship grows, competence decays

InspiRed Machine

by Jukka Gustavson

Working men in all countries let us unite
in vengeance for the time has come to
annihilate the bourgeoisie and suck the
rest up now is the time when Commu-
nism will rule the world and red shall be
the one color suffered to wave let us
take up arms let us join forces com-
rades let us march let us conquer for
behind us comrades you have the most
powerful and advanced nation in the
world also the world's most modern
least checked weapons and the Red
Army comrades towards peace and hap-
piness on Earth towards the most
ethical and natural state and system
in the world, comrades!!!


by Jim Pembroke

Oh what a commotion
bodies in the street
snipers in the yard
Jiminy cricket
everyone's at large
bucket and a spade

Oh what a commotion
bruisers on the beat
policemen on the prowl
stickety wicket
oh what a drag
everyone's at sea

Give us a hint or a clue
where do we start from
and where do we go to
Give us a light in the cold
Our fortune be told!

Sentimental memories won't do
in nineteen eighty two
when we will crawl like lice
beneath a blade of hate (not nice)
and You my friend will feel like in a zoo
Hey monkey, is it true?
and I won't know, not I
'cos you'll be me uh uh
and I'll be you
buh buh uhup buhup
talkin' 'bout disaster

"Cauliflower, turnip peels
rotten eggs and spew
old tin cans and bottle tops
and cabbage, plastic glue
poka mola soft soapola
choca rocka stew
Mix'em up and melt them down
so there's your little clue
look out!
Sunny disaster!"
Sunny disaster!

(Disaster can be fun
if you give up lettuce
give up smell touch
Sunday lunch
Disaster can be nice
if you give up breathing
give up hope, T.V.
and the radio)

Disaster can be very nice
if you simply live like lice
Disaster can be very nice.
(Sunny Disaster)

Pride of the Biosphere

by Jukka Gustavson

As I cast my mind back to the first years of war, to the best times
of my entire career as a chaplain, I am still filled with deep piety,
with profound gratitude and awe at the recollection of one remarkable,
rather remarcable, recurrent course of events that came to pass
and shed its light in my workaday life in those halcyon years.

Warfare is rough play, as we all know, and in the manly and mera-
less martial turmoil surely all of us, even the merest Negro, the
lowliest Japanese or Jew, are equals in the sight of the same
Gawd; indeed, I wish to emphasize this!-

Well, as I was saying, it is with intense emotion and profound
humility that I recall those months of May, days when the
first ripe cherries would be fresh off the bough; sitting; there
in the dull humdrum of the Officers' Mess we would naturally
be pleasantly diverted by questions such as- would we like some cherries!

However, it became virtually a point of tradition, yes,, hearing
that innocent query rather more lusciously worded: a couple
of "Gerries"? How about some Gerries! At this, and blushing
almost openly, the officers would proceed to rape the waitresses
in full view and afterwards shoot them on the spot.

And so, as the afflicted blood of these possessed women crimsoned
the drab floor out our mess, my turn would come to step forth
and perform my own assignment in this Extraordinary, this quite
extraordinary, colorful drama! - Those fallen souls laid to
their last rest before the scorching pains of flaming hellfire,
we would fold our hands upon the familiar words of my esteemed
colleague - words that so frequently during my career have
intrigued me and brought me succor - inscrutable are the ways
of the Lord..and how can we mortals be expected to mind and
master every turn, a-men.


by Jukka Gustavson

All half-beings: let your lips partake-
of sentience,,,and the words ~ will be
given meaning too

All half-beasts: open up your ears
to receive-knowledge
and you'll ~ belong,,
among those who have ideas

All half-humans: open up your eyes to behold-
talent and, you'll light on ~ you own dead capacity

(You ~ better)
::Buy up your conscience and Invest it in
your neighbor, to Attain--
peace external and self-maximizing profit::
:::Don't slow the rise of your Standard of Living
by revelry ~ Production, fast instead..
on the Third World Arms Trade touching down full speed:::

Destroy knowingly..your cars hands
M.D.:s years'earnings and meals homes
and you still won't understand-
just what, War ~ makes you live with

Hurl the soul - into the fame..stampede
and the wonders of property as history,,
then you won't have time to waste your time
~ in vain

Bear starvation..3*16,6 retarded babies
and break with the strength remaining,,, into a smile at the silver wings-
flying odearing ~ tourists
and two idiot hijackers

All man-marks - let the population pineapple
work to measure
and start fitting- Nose to ass.


by Jukka Gustavson

pole held in hiding
catches Dead ~ fish
timorous rhythm, ceaseless, Rup-tured..
Catches dead fish
and pours into pocket

At length aware of death,
on wings ~ of dread ~~ for familiar tree
Oblivious of pants at dry and warm change..
Shackles locked with blessings,
opens book wearily
and lectures on ichtyic-reproduction

vocation, and responsibility.. true winds
of perdition
trying to release, to cool
trying- to Strengthen
but safe and righteous mirages
bring low the desperate ~ prayer..
money and me, we'll get any old Tree
and Money's the same whatever the game,,

Maestro Mercy

by Jim Pembroke

Goodbye dear Mother Earth
it's been nice knowing you
Goodbye dear Mother Earth
it's been nice, I promise you

It was rain from the start
but I knew we could take it
Make it or break it
to open that door
to a new understanding
for man in his glory
or then just forsake it
and worry no more.

(Goodbye Dear Mother Earth)


by Jukka Gustavson

in a hundred years will seek
each other for the first time:
LAND . ;Time Suppliant ~ in which the last of the chosen few
stands lost in the strait of the narrow:
STATECRAFT . ;Promised Remorse ~ out of which deceit and power-greed
confided centuries ago:
LIVING . ;Denied Fulfillment ~ from which no
turning back:
SPIRIT . ;Creator Peregrine; who shall want


Marvelry Skimmer

by Jim Pembroke

.Introducing my friend from the fields
don't have much money
you know how it feels
down at the heels
chasing the blackbirds away

Hi-falootin'in turnips and peels
don't have no shovel
you know how it feels
down at the heels
chasing the blackbirds away

Old scarecrow getting nearer than near
well he could be a schizo
or maybe a queer
we won't know 'til we get it

(Friend from the Fields)

Gustavson's lyrics translated from Finnish into English by Mats Huldén.