Lyrics: The Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose

Note. The lyrics printed on the inner sleeve of Lucky Golden's vinyl version aren't thoroughly correct. These lyrics have been checked from the album.

Sane Again

Lyrics by Jim Pembroke

Happy face human race swingin' in the rain
Get yer rags together 'cause we're going down the lane
Rosary beads amongst your needs cancell on the brain
Grand to feel sane again

Maggot race wild goose chase Doggod who to blame
Tapdance in the gutter, going down the drain
Money greed chicken-feed lose and call it gain
Grand to feel sane again

"Genus humanum genus desperatum cui spes unica famae in
luto se volvens. Superare sues in faece volutantes. Mente
demissa quodlibet canticum exsibila. Mente sana esse
iucundum est. Thank you very much. Pueris virgatis
stellatisque. Gratias."
Human race salvation case only claim to fame
Wallow in the mire, put a pig in shit to shame
Whistle when you're down and out any old refrain
Grand to feel sane again
Grand to feel sane again
Grand to feel sane - again

International Disaster

Lyrics by Jim Pembroke

They'll be skiing down in St. Moritz to boating up at Eton
Playing tennis in Monaco too
Poker in Gibraltar, bingo in Mallorca
And housey-housey out in Timbuktu

And they'll be waltzin' in Vienna and fightin' in Angola
Over Coca Cola too
Sunbathing in Clacton, hijackin' Manhattan
Playing Chinese checkers in Peru

International disaster slowly gettin' faster
Gonna take us by surprise
International disaster send for the plaster
Gotta stick it on before I dies
International disaster gonna be a blaster
Gonna rearrange our lives
International disaster send for the master
Don't wait to see the white of his eyes

International disaster (comin')
International disaster (comin')
International disaster (comin')

And they'll be flyin' in the Concorde and rollin' in the gutter
Calcutta and Singapore
Price of silver dropping so do yer Christmas shopping
Before you lose the chance the score

International disaster slowly...

International disaster (comin')...




Lyrics by Jim Pembroke

Out above the towers the kite was seen to soar
As the infant world slumbered in a cradle on the floor
Sun and Moon were meeting contemplating folklore
As time present passed the wolf at the door
And then they stop and wait and listen as the Lord relates
That all our hopes loves and hour hates
Will show the way or bar the gates
And shape us for our coming fates

Crusaders were returning from their journies to the East
Left the bamboo temples burning
In the name of hope and peace
And it's welcome home Colossus
Good to see you're doing swell
Wave the banner
Quasimodo ring the bell!

Horsemen were advancing, Kingdom Come straight ahead
Mace and chain, gown of white, glove and cross of red
Advanced upon the castle, funny trick of Fate
Stallion strong Arab blood
Clear the castle gates!

Out along the Northern bay
And out across the moors and mountains
Far away
Bells ringing
Riders they were leaving tracks across the plain
Sparing neither horse nor hide
In flight from the Valley of Slain

Eddie And The Boys

Lyrics by Jim Pembroke

Pablo and Antonis is a buddies and cronies
Own ponies and share all their toys
Well, they shake in the mornin' and hang in the evenin'
Out with Eddie and the boys

Oocha oocha oo cha cha
Oocha oocha oo cha cha
Oocha oocha oo cha cha
Oocha oocha

Yes 'n' Holy Baloney, Margaret and Joanie
Can't hear themselves think for the noise
Well, the stock's always falling and the shares always crawling
Out with Eddie and the boys

Oocha oocha...

Yes and student Dragotsi got a dog name of Grotski
Count voting amongst the life's joys
Well, he vote for the uppers and vote for the downers
Gonna vote for Eddie and the boys

Doo doo doo...

Eddie Eddie and the boys
Eddie Eddie and the boys
Eddie Eddie and the boys
Eddie Eddie

Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose

Lyrics by Jim Pembroke

Closing down the social termination
The season's at it's end final grades
No more rugby tips or sailing sing-songs
Membership to life for history fades

They're taking down the pretty decorations
Closing the salon and smoking room
Garden Fete arranged for two on Tuesday
Preparation for coming boom

They're wrapping up the pretty Tinsel paper
Hoisting down the banners in a line
Jumble sale arranged for July Tombsday
(Duets of "Love Me Do" and "Auld Lang Syne")

They're packing all the cheerful Raffia paper
Rolling up carpets in a line
Charity arranged for two on Chooseday
Bring yer woolly socks 'n' I'll bring mine

Reservations have been booked for the occasion
Ship and chauffeur too be both in place
The revolving of the ages will be beginning
To take us out of time into space

Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose
Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose
Jumble sale arranged for July Tuesday
Bring your woolly socks and I'll bring mine

Closing down the social...

They're taking down the pretty...

They're wrapping up the pretty...

June May Be Too Late

Lyrics by Jim Pembroke

Autumn comin' early
Summer comin' late
What can a poor soul do
'n' Arty says the leaves'll fall in May
'n' we'll be swimmin' in a sea of blue
Bells ringin' too
For the chosen few

'n' Arty says the things
They're doin' up north
Don't flatter Mother Nature none
Says what she's given
Well she can take including
Every single mother's son
And daughter too
And baby too

I don't know what the wise men said
But I sure hope to find out soon
If I don't maybe see you later Jack
Somewhere like the moon
June maybe too late
June maybe too late

June maybe too late
You can take that as a warning
Ringing out
June maybe too late
Maybe see you judgement morning
Singing loud

'n' Arty says the pop goes weasel in May
And I got a hunch he might be right
So I'm gonna go and pack my bags today
An' I'll be gone 'fore you can strike a light
June maybe too late
June maybe too late
June maybe too late
June maybe too late
June, june, june maybe too late

Never Turn You In

Lyrics by Jim Pembroke

Well the story goes there was a man
The son of God who walked this land
Free of hate and pride, clean of hand
But the priests on high worked out a plan
Said Judas come see us when you can
We could maybe make a deal on the side, man
Judas said his price went high
An' crossed his heart and hoped to die
He would never turn you in
Never turn you in
Never turn you in

In the garden of Gethsemane
Judas played out destiny
An' never as an enemy, no, but friend
Humble, wise, poor and meek
Shall inherit the world, or so they speak
So Jesus he just turned the other cheek
And Judas said he had to fly
Crossed his heart and hoped to die
He would never turn you in
Never turn you in
Never turn you in

Saint Peter heard the cockerels crows
Denied he knew and the tears cut rows
Upon his cheeks and fell down to the ground
Mothers cried and children wailed
As Jesus hung on the cross impaled
And the Heavens split and filled the world with sound
Pontius Pilate gave a sigh
Washed his hands and let 'em dry
He would never turn you in
Never turn you in
Never turn you in

In A Nutshell

Lyrics by Pekka Rechardt & Jim Pembroke

Life can be sometimes really swell
If you look at it from a shell
If I was nut in a tree
With somebody looking out of me
At the world outside
Cold, damp and wet
Our desire would be
To feel warm and safe

Me I am just a case of nuts
Being present in everyone's mind
Can be, paradoxically, dice
And if you want you can treat me nice
Treat me dice and twice
I will remember
All those days I was
In a nutshell

Shell that kept me apart from Hell
And Heaven's angels they treat me well
Wishing they too could share my shell
But they can't so what the hell

"To be a nut or not to be a nut..." (ad lib vocals in Germoan)
Me, my shell and our tree will grow
To the heights of the Himalow
Now that certain light fills my life, you know
I will never give away my
Shell that keeps me apart from Hell
My shell that keeps me apart from Hell

Contributed by Suonna Kononen