Lyrics: Tombstone Valentine

Tombstone Valentine

by Jim Pembroke

Landladies are real strange people
gotta watch what they do
Rent places for real fat prices
then outa the blue
raise hell outa noise and suchlike
and my boogie kazoo
Send her a valentine

She goes for her walks on Wednesdays
on a Saturday night
straight down to the local graveyard
by the moody moonlight
She likes to read all the tombstones
reads between the lines
Makes meanings that spell her stories
then makes 'em all rhymes
Send her some Valentines

She keeps her monkeys in a budgie's case
I have heard them cry
"Save our souls! We don't wanna die
so young"

In Gratitude!

by Jukka Gustavson

I won't worry, if you think I'm a thief
I won't jeer you, if you call us imitators

'cos I have known all the time what I'm doing
and I promise you that it's all done for Stevie

I won't lie to you, now when fortune has changed
I won't die of pain, 'cos I'm able to pray

'cos I really had known what I was doing
and I promise you that it's all done for Stevie

Frederick & Bill

by Jim Pembroke

Stepney and Cricklewood on a bright
and cheerful night
Watching a bruiser who's mind is bent
upon a fight
Whiskey and tonic, iced, seems to bring
his devil out
Pakis and Indians better watch their steps
Frederick and Bill out tonight for a fight
with a Pakistani or a Jew
Give him a right-hander boot him in the lug'ole Bill
Bottle him good and hard boot him on the hooter Fred
Frederick and Bill on the hunt for a black or a brown
or a man in blue

Wishful Thinker

by Jim Pembroke

Wishful thinker, how's today
where you going, besides away
Wishful thinker, what did you say
not long ago
I live within myself
and that's the way I'll stay
maybe that's the reason
for the way you feel today
Stay awhile and speak with me
but if you can't, just say
Tell me what's the reason
for the way you feel today
Wishful thinker, why the sigh
what you saying, besides goodbye


by Jim Pembroke

Hello there my friend, what do you feel
nothing very much, why aren't you for real
Can I have your autograph, I need it for a song of mine
just for you and everybody else
How about the other half, I need that part to make it rhyme
just for me, and everybody else

Hang up your things inside to dry, near the fire
and when the flames get higher
at least you can say to your friends that you're a trier
Can I have your autograph I need it for a song of mine
just for you and everybody else
How about your other half, it's going wrong and out of time
just for you and everybody else

Let The World Ramble On

by Jim Pembroke

Today I'll take my time
let the whole world ramble on
If it rains outside, that won't bother me
Let it rain or shine, it's all the same to me
Let it drift on by, you'll be seeing I won't be worrying
like before

Captain Supernatural

by Jim Pembroke

Captain Supernatural pushed aside his penny goons
and wondered what to do about the changing of his tunes
But meanwhile in the jungle things weren't going quite as well
'cos Maypole had his eyes so round and Cozy wouldn't tell

Miles and miles and miles, somewhere in the sun
Captain Supernatural's men wern't having too much fun
Bob Hope's tour in sixty-four is all that they have had
and Bogie films didn't seem to help

Meanwhile on the healthy college front
Rodney heard his groovy hair is not what people want
had to cut it like it was in Paltry Place
'cos the people want to see his smiling face

Miles and miles and miles away, somewhere in the sun
Nasty and his desert rats wern't having too much fun
Dion's tour the day before is all that they have had
and Monty films didn't seem to help


by Jukka Gustavson

The Great-Nature-Field and the Water so clean
What things have they got, the people I mean
What things have they had, what things they have not seen
And still they want to believe, the people I mean
they prefere ending the future; Why can't they have been
in their Happy Waste, even a bit mean
in their happy waste, even a bit mean