Wigwam Poll 1999: Results

Between 21.11.1999 and 31.12.1999, thirty-one voters - exactly the same amount as a year ago - choosed their favourite Wigwam albums and tracks by filling in and submitting an electronic form. Three points were awarded to the album/track in first place, two points to second place and one point to third place. The majority of the voters also took the opportunity to pick a favourite track and album from Jim Pembroke's solo releases, as well as a favourite song by the Blues Section. Here are the results:

Wigwam Albums

1. Being39
2. Nuclear Nightclub35
3. Fairyport32
4. Dark Album22
5. Hard'n'Horny20
6. The Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose14
7. Live Music From The Twilight Zone10
8. Tombstone Valentine8
9. Light Ages3
9. Rumours On The Rebound3

Wigwam Tracks

1. Losing Hold19
2. Fairyport11
3. Luulosairas10
4. Pedagogue9
5. En aio paeta8
5. Grass For Blades8
7. Every Fold7
7. Daemon Duncetan's Request7
9. Proletarian6
9. Freddie, Are You Ready?6
9. Do Or Die6
9. Eddie And The Boys6
9. Big Farewell6

5 points: Henry's... (the whole suite) - Planetist - The Moon Struck One - Kite
4 points: Lost Without A Trace - Prophet - Tramdriver - Helsinki Nights
3 points: Pidän sinusta - Tombstone Valentine - Nipistys - Nuclear Nightclub - Bless Your Lucky Stars - Cheap Evening Return - Planetstar
2 points: Häätö - Frederick & Bill - Wishful Thinker - Marvelry Skimmer - Groundswell - Wardance
1 point: Henry's Highway Code - Pigstorm - Colossus - June May Be Too Late - The Item Is The Totem - The Silver Jubilee - Talking Brought Me Here - Absalom

Again, no big surprises. For comparison see the results of the last year's poll. A few interpretational problems arose. To be precise, Rumours On The Rebound is a compilation, but I accepted it here. Although consisting of separate songs, the whole Henry's... suite from Hard'n'Horny got some votes which I accepted as well.

Jim Pembroke Albums

1. Corporal Cauliflowers' Mental Function9
2. Wicked Ivory6
3. Pigworm5.5
4. Party Upstairs1
5. Flat Broke0.5

Jim Pembroke Tracks

1. Grass For Blades5

2 points: Bertha Come Back - Masquerade At The White Palace - A Better Hold (And A Little View)
1 point: Just My Situation - No New Games To Play - No More Terra Firma - Corporal Punishment - Island Town - Goddammaddog (The Horse) - Hard Top Lincoln - Golden Days - Beyond The Waves - Party Upstairs - Matushka-Mother

Blues Section Tracks

1. Semi-circle Solitude5
2. Answer To Life3

2 points: Call Me On Your Telephone - Hey Hey Hey - Wolf At The Door - Please Mr. Wilson - End Of A Poem
1 point: Cherry Cup-Cake Twist - Football - Lucy Jane

It seems that instead of one I should have let you choose three tracks also by Pembroke and Blues Section in order to get more distinction. However, the number ones stand out clearly.