Wigwam in Various "Best-of-All-Time" Polls

The Best Finnish Rock Record (Ilta-Sanomat Plussa 17.02.2007):
1. Hurriganes: Roadrunner (304 votes)
8. Wigwam: Nuclear Nightclub (53 votes)
This was a readers' poll (from a preselected album list?), 1 336 voters.
The 50 Best Finnish Rock Albums (Soundi 3/2005):
1. Tuomari Nurmio ja Köyhien Ystävät: Kohdusta hautaan
2. Wigwam: Nuclear Nightclub
38. Wigwam: Hard'n'Horny
40. Wigwam: Fairyport
Selected by writers of the Soundi magazine.
The 100 Best Finnish Compositions (Aamulehti 01.11.2003):
1. En etsi valtaa loistoa (comp. Jean Sibelius)
2.-100. Luulosairas (comp. & lyr. Jukka Gustavson)
Selected by an Aamulehti jury, the songs were listed alphabetically in no rank order, save no. 1.
The Best Wigwam Album ('Heikin progesivut' website, March 2002):
1. Being (18 votes)
1. Nuclear Nightclub (18)
3. Fairyport (15)
4. Hard'n'Horny (7)
5. Live Music From The Twilight Zone (5)
6. Dark Album (4)
7. Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose (3)
7. Wigwam Plays Wigwam Live (3)
9. Tombstone Valentine (2)
9. Light Ages (2)
Online poll that ran a couple of weeks, total 77 votes.
The Best Finnish Album Cover (Nyt 44/2001):
1. Hurriganes: Roadrunner
14. Wigwam: Nuclear Nightclub
42. Pekka Pohjola: Pihkasilmä kaarnakorva
100. Esa Kotilainen: Ajatuslapsi
Readers' poll from a preselected list. Complete results.
The Best Finnish Rock Album (Miehen Gloria 10-11/2000):
1. Eppu Normaali: Kahdeksas Ihme
19. Being
27. Nuclear Nightclub
Compiled by Jukka Lyytinen - not a poll.
The Millennium's Best Finnish... (Rytmi 3/2000):
Musician: 9. Pekka Pohjola
Composer: 3. Pekka Pohjola
Album: 2. Nuclear Nightclub
Band: 2. Wigwam
Bassist: 1. Pekka Pohjola
Drummer: 7. Ronnie Österberg
Keyboardist: 1. Jukka Gustavson, 5. Esa Kotilainen, 6. Pedro Hietanen
Producer: 1. Otto Donner, 3. Pave Maijanen, 6. Pedro Hietanen
Record Label: 1. Love Records
This was a readers' poll, 332 voters.
The Best Finnish Recording (Radio Suomi 2000):
1. Hurriganes: Get On
18. Nuclear Nightclub (shared position)
People who work in the sphere of music & culture were asked to choose their favourite recordings of light music. Wigwam came 14th among the most voted artists.
The Best Finnish Pop Band or Artist (City-lehti 1999):
1. Hanoi Rocks
7. Wigwam
38. Blues Section
72. Pekka Pohjola
Forty-three journalists choosed their favourites. More about this poll.
The Best Finnish Rock Song (Rumba 10/1998):
1. Hurriganes: Get On
38. Nuclear Nightclub
43. Freddie, Are You Ready?
64. Luulosairas
134. Kite
Music journalists were asked to give points to Finnish rock classics. A ready-made song list was used in this inquiry - where did they leave Losing Hold? Nuclear Nightclub was chosen as no 1 favourite by Esa Kuloniemi and Raila Kinnunen.
The Best Finnish Rock Album (Soundi 1980):
1. Nuclear Nightclub
7. Being
Rockradio asked the opinion of music journalists.
The Best Finnish Rock Song (Soundi 1978):
1. Eppu Normaali: Poliisi pamputtaa taas
7. Freddie, Are You Ready?
9. Luulosairas
22. Kite
28. Eddie And The Boys
A readers' poll.