Records by Other Artists with Involvement by Jim Pembroke

Only Pembroke's contribution to each album or single has been listed here. For the most part, the information have been collected from the volumes of Suomalainen ääniteluettelo (Catalogue of Finnish Recordings). Additions and corrections are welcome.
Magyar: Saastepilkku (backing vocals) (single: Love Records LRS 1041)
B-side of the single 'Elävien hauta'.
The Otto Donner Treatment: En soisi sen päättyvän (LP: Love Records LRLP 14, CD: Love/Siboney LRCD 14)
One of the vocalists, but a solo part only in 'Minä muistan sinut'.
Seija Simola: Gonna Get You Tonight (lyr.) (single: RCA Victor PRO-1)
B-side of the single 'Everything Comes Up In Time', both sides composed by Esko Linnavalli.
Aarno Raninen: Finnsound(?) (LP: Finnsound FSLP 01)
Gone (lyr.)
Maarit: Aamun tulo (comp.) (single: LRS 1089)
A-side of a single. As a bonus track on LRCD 95.
Maarit: Life Is A Jigsaw (lyr.) / Irina Milan Song For A Dove (single: LRS 2016)
Maarit: Maarit (LP: LRLP 95, CD: LRCD 95)
Suonsilmä (comp.) - Uutisten jälkeen (comp.)
Includes arrangements & playing from Pembroke?
Muska: Muska (LP: LRLP 94, CD: LRCD 94)
Kaseva: Silloin kun (LP: LRLP 98, CD: LRCD 98)
Piano, electric piano.
Tasavallan Presidentti: Milky Way Moses (LP: LRLP 102, Sonet SNTF 658, Janus JLS 3065, CD: LRCD 102)
Milky Way Moses - Caught From The Air - Jelly - Confusing The Issue - How To Start A Day - Piece Of Mind
All lyrics by Pembroke.
Anki: En anna heille anteeksi (LP: Top Voice TOP-LP 527)
Nythän on niin (comp.) - Lapsonen (comp.)
Playing, too.
Kalevala: Boogie Jungle (LP: Hi-Hat HILP 102, CD: Safir SAFCD 2053)
Mind The Fly Hunter - Attack At Nineteen Hundred - If We Found The Time - While The Fire's Warm - Boogie /// Rockin' Fish - Snow Bill - Capseller - Jungle
All lyrics by Pembroke, backing vocals.
Maarit: Viis pientä (LP: LRLP 128, CD: LRCD 128)
Kuolevat lehdet (comp.) - Kielon jäähyväiset (comp.)
Lyrics by Juice Leskinen
Tabula Rasa: Tabula Rasa (LP: LRLP 135, CD: LRCD 135)
Hector: Hotelli Hannikainen (LP: LRLP 182, CD: LRCD 183)
Lay Me Down (lyr.)
Kalevala: Abraham's Blue Refrain (LP: Hi-Hat HILP 126)
Silver Fish - Lighthouse - Forever Train - Abraham's Blue Refrain, Part I & Part II (piano) / Brown'll Might Suit You - Highland Temple - Playground - Marketbox Street - Panamanian Red
All lyrics by Pembroke.
Madame George: What's Happening?!! (LP: LRLP 229, CD: LRCD 229)
Revolution & Roller (comp./lyr.)
Royals: Out (LP: LRLP 225, CD: LRCD 225)
Kings Of Power (lyr.) - Cha-Cha Drive In - (lyr.) - Out (lyr.) - Just My Situation (comp./lyr.) - Monoply (lyr.) - About Not Worth Writin' Home About (lyr.)
Vox: Long Play (LP: LRLP 256)
Just Another Boogie (backing vocals)
Hurriganes: Hanger (LP: Scandia SLP 660)
Deadline (lyr.) - Can't Come Home (lyr.) - Seventh Sky (lyr.) - Muskogee (lyr.) - Shanandoah (lyr.) - Burn (comp./lyr.) - Until I Settle Down (lyr.) - Honey I'm Leaving (comp./lyr.)
Also backing vocals, guitar. Pembroke performs under a pseudonym Jim Kowalzskij.
Hurriganes: Jailbird (LP: SLP 675, in Sweden Sonet SLP 3051)
Desirée (lyr.) - Hip Down (lyr.) - Let's Drink Today (lyr.) - Oh Yeah (lyr.) - Pretty Mona (lyr.) - Get Along (lyr.) - Brand New Sucker (lyr.) - Miss Betty (lyr.) - Lipstick Man (lyr.)
Kojo: Red, Hot, White an' Blue (comp./lyr. with Kojo) (single: LRS 2243)
Kojo: So Mean (LP: Dig It DIGLP 5)
So Mean (lyr.) - Good Foot (comp./lyr. with Kojo) - Jodien (lyr.) - Woodoo (lyr.) - Yellow Moon (lyr.) - Green Dollar (comp./lyr. with Kojo) - Mailbox (lyr.) - Veronica Hillside (comp./lyr. with Kojo)
Limousine: Corruption (lyr.) / No Why, Nobody There (lyr.) (single: LRS 2248)
Pen Lee: Baby Noir / Cryin' Too Long (single: LRS 2246)
Played by Pen Lee with H. Hietanen & J. Pembroke.
Vanha Isäntä: Rednecks, Blue Falls (LP: HILP 138)
Blue Falls (comp./lyr.) - Peddling Man (lyr.)
Hurriganes: 10/80 (LP: SLP 678)
Made In Sweden (lyr.) - Let's Go Rocking Tonight (lyr.) - Saigon Shakes (comp./lyr.) - Bourbon Street (lyr.) - Kinky Reggae (lyr.) - Rocking Belly (lyr.) /// Red House (lyr.) - Cozyrow (lyr.) - Somebody Help Me (lyr.) - Down The Line (lyr.) - Skin And Bone (lyr.) - Just For You (lyr.)
Kojo: Lucky Street (LP: DIGLP 11)
Workout - Sunny Southside - Cabin Song - De Soto Sweet - Runnin' Out Of Time /// Snake Eyes Up - Dreamyard Tonite - Stay By You - Francoise - Night Cap
All compositions and lyrics by Pembroke.
Marion: ? (?)
Riviera (Engl. lyr.)
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen (LP: Kerberos KEL 609, CD: Fazer Finnlevy 220062)
Beyond The Waves (comp./lyr./voc.) - Promised Land (voc.) - Pitcairn Island (comp.)
Plays piano, too.
Hurriganes: Fortissimo (LP: Sonet SLP 9004)
Oh Rock - Say Yeah - Night'n Day - Tear Drops - Woman - Too Many Hours - Hot City
Lyrics of the tracks above by Pembroke.
Markku Johansson: Funny Tricks (LP: DIGLP 18)
Seabird (lyr.) - Autumn Sun Shine (lyr.)
Kojo: Go All The Way (LP: DIGLP 14)
Only Lonely (comp./lyr.) - Telephone Number (comp./lyr.) - Gamble On Love (lyr., also as a b-side on the single Dig It DIGS 126) - My Reputation (by Kojo - Jukka Orma - Jim Pembroke)
Mayflower: Painted Times (LP: Etnomono ETM 101)
Precious Wagon (lyr.)
Hannu Takala: Joko sulla soi (LP: Fifty-Fifty FFLP 75)
Reggae O.K. (comp.)
Various Artists: Eurovisio Special (LP: Finnlevy FL 5095)
Hannu Heinisaari: Reggae O.K. (comp.)
Various Artists: Rokki Diggari (LP: Polydor 2311105)
The Ronski Gang: Lotta Lies (lyr.)
Riki Sorsa: Changing Tunes (LP: CBS 84968)
Autograph (comp./lyr.) - Pain Before Pleasure (comp./lyr.) - Stars In The Water (comp./lyr.) - Reggae O.K. (comp.(/lyr.?), also as a single CBS 1072, the Finnish candidate in the Eurovision Song Contest 1981) - Can't Stand Dancing (comp./lyr. with Sorsa, also as a single CBS 9308, in 1980) - Ice City (comp./lyr.) - Back Door (comp./lyr.) - Changing Tunes (comp./lyr.)
Hasse Walli: Hasse Walli (LP: Kompass KOLP 32)
Can't Hide It (lyr./voc.) - Days Of Love (comp./lyr./voc.)
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Doing (LP: KEL 618, CD: Finnlevy 220062)
What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy (voc.) - Cupid's Boogie (voc. with Vicky) - Ocaso Marino (chorus with Pave & Kojo) - Fine Fine Fine (chorus with Pave & Kojo) - Nuclear Dustman's Ball (comp./lyr./voc.)
Markku Johansson: Funny Tricks But Beautiful (LP: Dig It DIGLP 18)
Kojo: Nuku pommiin (comp.) (single: Dig It DIGS 135)
The Finnish candidate in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982. Lyrics by Juice Leskinen.
Kojo: Bomb Out (LP: DIGLP 19)
Bomb Out (comp./lyr., also as a single Dig It DIGS 136, English-language version of Nuku pommiin) - On This Summernight (comp./lyr.)
Includes also some earlier released Pembroke songs.
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Tango Moderato (LP: KEL 626)
Tropical Trouble (comp./lyr./voc.) - Tango In Space (comp./lyr./voc.) - Django-tango (comp.)
The Ronski Gang: Restless Child (lyr.) / Stop The World (single: Hi-Hat HIS 1078)
Riki Sorsa: Desert Of Love (LP: CBS 85416)
Desert Of Love (comp./lyr.) - Beach Party (comp./lyr.) - Misty Island (comp./lyr.) - Glory Road (comp./lyr.) - Tangled Up In Love (comp./lyr.) - She Drops You Yesterday (comp./lyr.)
Nono Söderberg: Rare Bird (LP: Polarvox LJLP 1017)
Oh Rare Bird (lyr.) - Chinese Satin (lyr.)
Jukka Tolonen: In A This Year Time (LP: Sonet SNTF 887)
Sun Love (lyr. with Allyn) - Moonlight Skankin' (lyr.)
Kojo: Time Won't Wait (LP: DIGLP 23)
Sweet Berry Wine (comp. Pembroke - G. Isadore - P. Williams / lyr. Pembroke) - I Go To Pieces (comp.) - It Keeps A Growin (comp.) - Nine Times (comp.) - Since I Ain't Got You (comp.)
Paavo Maijanen: Aye Aye Aye (lyr.) (single: EMI 9C-006-1384397)
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Where's Boris? (LP: KEL 642)
Where's Boris (comp./lyr./voc.) - Cossack Frantique (comp.) - Matushka-Mother (lyr./voc./arr. with Pedro Hietanen)
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Pedro's Christmas (LP: KEL 652)
Mary's Boy Child (voc.) - In Dreams For Thee (comp./lyr./voc.)
Zape Leppänen: Stereo World (LP: Johanna JHN 2505)
Heartquaker - Turnin' Key - Dream Anything About You - Lily Rose - Dancin' John - Two Wings On A Miracle (Highway Through The Jungle)
Songs above composed by Pembroke.
Harri Marstio: A Date With Mr. Marstio (LP: KEL 654)
No Clothes Charlie (comp. with Marstio) - A Date With Mr. Blues (comp.) - Big Bottle Blues (comp.)
Riki Sorsa: Kellot ja peilit (LP: CBS 26245)
Lämpö jää (comp. Pembroke / arr. with Esa Kaartamo) - Tanssijan taival (comp. Pembroke / arr. with Kaartamo)
Riki Sorsa: This Is The Night (LP: CBS 25652)
Combo Club (lyr. J. Jonsson - Pembroke)
Cisse Häkkinen: I Love You Anyway (LP: Scandia SLP 707)
City Girls (lyr. I. Häkkinen - Pembroke) | Car Drivin' Man (lyr. I. Häkkinen - Pembroke)
Sonja Lumme: Easy Life (LP: JP-Musiikki Play LP 9013)
Time To Give (lyr.)
Various artists: Moskova By Night (cassette: Ensio Music EMMC-012)
Keijo Minerva: Maatuska Mother (lyr.)
Various artists: Sibelius-lukio soi -85-86 (LP: Sibelius-lukion Koti- ja kouluyhdistys SIBLULP 001)
Sibelius-lukio, Bändi C, Juha Saaresaho: Sun Love (comp. with Jukka Tolonen)
Riki Sorsa: Myrskyn silmä (LP: CBS 450268-1)
Tietymättömiin (comp.)
Jukka Tolonen: Radio Romance (LP: Sonet SNTF-967)
Open All Night - Follow The Light - Heavy Shit - Wind Song /// Tears - Radio Romance - Rainy Day - Island Of Blue
Background vocals and all lyrics by Pembroke.
Gringos Locos: Gringos Locos (LP: DIGLP 35)
Jealousy (lyr. with Jyrki Manninen) - Shout (lyr.)
Pave Maijanen: Water / Fever Of Loving (by M. Paavonen - J. Pembroke - Maya) (single: EMI Parlophone 006-1385427)
Maya: Would You (LP: EMI Parlophone 1385251)
Water (lyr.) - River And Sea (lyr.) - Midnight Sun (lyr.) - Money Up Front (lyr.) - Take Care (lyr.) - Fever Of Loving (lyr.)
Hurriganes: Live At Metropol (CD: Rip It Up RIPCD 4)
Made In Sweden (lyr.)
Albert Järvinen: Braindamage - Or Still Alive (CD: Amulet WISHCD 30)
Zydeco Baby (lyr. & voc.) - Song For The Sons (lyr. & voc.)
McBeth: Living In The Middle / Sunbeam Nr. 9 (lyr.) (single: Flamingo FGS 167)
Johnny Lee Michaels Revenge: United States Of Mind (LP: Fazer Finnlevy/Polydor 837 559-1)
Then I Knew (recitation at the beginning of the track)
Gringos Locos: Punch Drunk (CD: Digit DIGCD 42)
Punch Drunk (lyr. Muddy Manninen - Richard G. Johnson - Jim Pembroke)
M.A. Numminen: The Tractatus Suite (LP: Eteenpäin! GN-95)
The General Form Of A Truth-Function (voc. w/ others)
Riki Sorsa: Roomanpunaista (CD: DIGCD 43)
Toinen mies (comp.) - Mennään, mennään (comp.)
Dimlights: Walking The Duck (CD: Amigo AMFCD 1001)
Wayward Bound (lyr.)
Flashbacksliders: Let's Go Rockin' Tonight (CD: WISHCD 40)
Let's Go Rockin' Tonight (lyr.) - Down The Line (lyr.) - Rockin' Belly (lyr.) - Kinky Reggae (lyr.)
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Eucalypso (LP: KEL 691, CD: Kerberos KECD 691)
Four Mills Brothers (voc.) - Money Is King (voc.)
Kolera: Suolaista ja makeaa (CD: Megamania MGMCD 2043)
Haminan Viivi (comp.)
Riki Sorsa: Riki Sorsa & Leirinuotio-orkesteri (CD: Audiovox AXRCD 1060)
Hänen silmissään (comp.)
Timo Kiiskinen: Vieraat maat (CD: AMFCD 2011)
Taivas saa odottaa (piano & backing voc.)
Remu: In The Spirit Of Hurriganes (CD: F-Records 99021-2)
When You Stay (comp./lyr.) - Juicy Lucy (comp./lyr./voc. by Jim Pembroke - Henry Aaltonen)
Plays rhythm guitar as well.
Kojo: Suloinen Maria (CD: Kojo 2)
Sun luokses tuun (comp. with Kojo) - Kolmen leijonan lilja (comp. with Kojo)
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Reggae (CD: Olarin Musiikki OMCD 86)
Global Backyard (comp./lyr./voc.) - One Little Boat (comp./lyr./voc.) - Lily Blossom (engl. lyr.) - Kurt Cobain (comp./lyr./voc.)
Se: Singlet (CD: JHNCD 2521)
Kuulut mulle vain (piano, vocals)
Various Artists: If The Ocean Had A Voice (CD: Middle Passage ?)
Lest We Forget (piano)
Jormas: Saat miehen Rööperiin - Kaikki levytykset 1965-1968 (2CD: EMI 07243 535793 2 6)
I Ain't Got You - It's Gonna Work Out Fine - Memphis
Vocals. Tracks were recorded for a TV show in 1965 when Jormas operated under the name Jim & The Beatmakers. It's gonna... and Memphis previously unreleased.
Remu & The Hurriganes: 30the Anniversary Special (CD: Rip It Up 8573-88666-2)
Bourbon Street (lyr.)
New version of the 1980 Hurriganes hit.
The Boys: Suomi-rockin korkeakoulu - The Boys 40 vuotta (2CD: WEA 5050467-2885-2-2)
If You Need Me (voc.)
A-side of Jim's first single, recorded in 1965.
Kalevala: Anthology (2CD: Shroomangel SAP 004/05)
Set In Time | Icebear Walk
Recorded in a 1995 session. Also included are songs from Kalevala's 1970s albums for which lyrics were written by Pembroke.
Eero Koivistoinen Music Society: X-Ray (CD: Silenze SLC 027)
Commentaries (lyr.) | Last Hope Bar (lyr.)
Mikko Rintanen: Faustburger (CD: Mikko Rintanen MRCD 001)
Faustburger Théme (rap) | Probability rap (rap)
Mike Westhues: Dumbflakes For Breakfast (CD: Humble House HUMBLECD32)
Scrambled Red Eyes (comp./lyr. Mike Westhues - Jim Pembroke)