Tracks by Jim Pembroke on Albums by Various Artists

Only the Pembroke tracks of each album have been listed here. Included are also the albums by other artists with bonus tracks by Pembroke.
Various Artists: Best Of Love / Trilogy Records (LP: Love Records LTRC 1)
Warm Rumours
Wigwam: Rumours On The Rebound (2LP: Virgin VGD 3503)
Bertha Come Back - A Better Hold (And A Little View) - Goddammaddog (The Horse) - All Over Too Soon - Masquerade At The White Palace
Various Artists: Metropolis (2LP: Johanna JHN 2011)
All Your Love
The track is missing from the CD version.
Various Artists: Provinssi-rock '80 live (2LP: KEMULP 2)
Jim Pembroke Band: Money That I Love
Randy Newman's song after which a snippet of Long Lost Cousin from Flat Broke album can be heard.
Various Artists: Rokki diggari (LP: Polydor 2311105)
Jimbo: Rokki diggari
Song from a film with the same title, directed by Jouko Lehmuskallio.
Various Artists: Anna mulle lovee (4CD: Love/Siboney LXCD 605)
Goddammaddog (The Horse)
Blues Section: Blues Section 2. (CD: LXCD 604)
Jim Pembroke Band: Hard Top Lincoln - Golden Days
Wigwam: Highlights (CD: LXCD 605)
Just My Situation - Grass For Blades
Various Artists: Love Proge (2CD: LXCD 613)
No New Games
Various Artists: Jee jee jee: Suomi-rockin arkistoaarteita (CD: Siboney SIBCD 10)
Jim Pembroke & The Beatmakers: I Ain't Got You
Previously unreleased recording made for YLE TV2's Ohimennen programme in 1965.
Various Artists: Refugees: A Charisma Records Anthology 1969-1978 (3CD: Virgin CASBOX 2)
Hot Thumbs O'Riley: Grass For Blades
2009 digital remaster.

Refugees booklet
Hot Thumbs info from the Refugees booklet.
Various Artists: Diggin' For Gold Vol 12 (LP: Busy Bee Production BBP 101)
Jim Pembroke & The Pems: I Don't Mind, I Got Mine