Jukka Gustavson
Record release party of Moments cd
Club Semifinal, Helsinki
August 11, 1999

Set list
  1. Meren pauhu meren laulu
  2. Blue Groove
  3. Mr. Ulf
  4. Yksi suru Yksi riemu/
  5. Yesterday
  6. On The Way
  7. A blues number: Ain't No Good Life (But It's My Life)
  8. Toisillensa sopivat, Onni ja Kaiho
  9. The Golden Era Suffle-Waltz
    Band introductions by Jukka
  10. A blues number: Sweet Little Angel

Five of the songs were instrumental jazz tunes from Jukka's latest Moments cd. I'm not a jazz afficionado, but the tunes sounded at least interesting during this first listening. Blue Groove was introduced as a Moments session leftover and Meren pauhu meren laulu is the dynamic opening track of Kadonnut häviämättömiin album as you may know. It was rearranged, very jazzy and sounded great.

Jukka Gustavson was in fine mood. This was the first time I see him on the stage (he doesn't play gigs too often as we Finns know and people outside may believe). It was well worth the wait. He played beautifully his Hammond via Leslie cabinet; sounds were warm and rough, often also very tender and beautiful... Jukka's looks during his playing would be worth videoing -- I could believe he tries to kill his Hammond with his grinning. :-) Backing band consisted of Moments musicians Ulf Krokfors (double bass), Markku Ounaskari (drums), Rasmus Korrström (saxophone) and Jarno Kukkonen (guitar). Esp. Krokfors and Ounaskari have been playing together a lot in Finnish jazz circles and this could be heard in their tight playing. Semifinal is very intimate club and the sound was good, well balanced and not too loud.

The gig with the encore took some 108 minutes. After this Jukka was signing his records to the fans (his reaction when the cd covers were handed: "Älkääs nyt pojat", i. e. "oh no boys"). Beforehand we wondered with other fans if Jukka is ever happy or smiling :-) He seems to be so gloomy in his lyrics and promo photographs. In Jee jee jee radio program he remembered his Wigwam days almost with disgust.

Now, after I've seen his enjoying playing in the Semifinal, I know he can be happy and smiley as well. I hope he'd consider a tour of Finland with his Moments crew and repertoire.

Greetings, Suonna Kononen
12.08.1999, tired but happy after the all-night car drive from Helsinki to Joensuu...