Lyrics & Chords: A Grim Affair

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Party Upstairs (1981)
                            capo 1
            A         E
Oh in this beaten-up bar
           G            F#
Of lonely drinkers and clowns
Bm            D
All time goes by
           E                 A
Like in a cancelled film in some lost town

All scenes cut and forgot
All shunny shutters pulled down
In dusty haze
Like in a smokey room in the horse and crown

Well the comedian's all drunk
The singer's lost her fur-coat
She can't go on
And the barman says the jukebox doesn't work

Figures crouch behind beers
And pretend to be gnomes
No homes to go
They seem to merge in with the tables and chairs

 A              A/G               D
  Cancelled out jar, broken-down bar
            Emaj7 E
  Beaten-up palm trees
 A               A/G               D
  Dancing girls snore bags on the floor
             Emaj7 E
  Half-eaten meat pies
 F            G
  Back on the road
 F            G
  Back on the road
 F            G      A
  Back on the road again

     A               Amaj7
    Got to get a job drinkin' all night
     A7                       D7
    Didn't seem wrong but it didn't feel right
    F       Fmaj7
    Oh sorry no lorry
     D                     G
    Got no date 'cause you gotta work late, uh huh huh
   A                Amaj7
    Took five and I wound up here
    A7                    D7
    Madame Tussaud's with half-warm beer
    F         Fmaj7       D
    Ol' Gummy Jones been there
    Since the Crimean war

     D                  F#m
      Oh that beautiful, oh that wonderful
     Bm                 Emaj7 E
      Oh that marvellous feeling
     D                    F#m
      Yeah that wonderful, oh that beautiful
     Bm                   Emaj7 E
      Yeah that marvellous feelin'
     F             G     A
      Back on the road again

          (guitar solo)

 F             G
  Back on the road...

Oh ham and cheese is all off
The rolls could be in museums
The tele's broke
There's only cricket on the box anyway

Slow motion tapes of croquet
Can sometimes be OK
But just today
I gotta get a hole from which to go away

  Cancelled out jar...

Contributed by Suonna Kononen