Jim Pembroke Albums: Party Upstairs

Party Upstairs cover
  1. Fifty-Six Bars
  2. Think About It
  3. A Grim Affair
  4. 4 Million Telephones
  5. Ragin' Sky
  6. Lost Without A Trace
  7. Flagships On The Sun

  8. The Happiest Days Of Your Life
  9. Insects
  10. Drinks At The Cairo Bar
  11. Emma's Song
  12. Minstrelmental
  13. Party Upstairs
Songs and lyrics by Jim Pembroke, except on 5. music by Jukka Orma.

Johanna JHN 2039 (1981)
Johanna JHNCD 2039 (1995) with bonus tracks by Jimbo: 4 Million Telephones - Midnight At Noon

Jim Pembroke, vocals, piano, guitar
Jukka Orma, guitar, vocals, piano
Pedro Hietanen, accordion
Mats Huldén, bass
Alf Forsman, drums
Jimbo: Jim Pembroke - Jukka Orma - Mats Huldén - Alf Forsman

Produced by Otto Donner
Engineered by Jukka Laaksonen
Recorded at MTV studios


Jussi Niemi, Soundi 7/1981.
Hans Beck, Nye Takter 12/1981 (12.08.1981).