Lyrics & Chords: Think About It

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Party Upstairs (1981)
        A             F#m
Oh it's cold outside, dark at night
C#m               E7
Wind all blowin' 'round the door
  A                  F#m             C#m  E7
I guess we seen this kind of thing before

And that lonesome road oh so long
We could easy go so wrong
So think about it baby if you're leaving

Now I wouldn't want to change your mind
But let's have some more sweet wine
And contemplate just why you ought to stay

I'll get that poker and stoke the grate
Guess I'm gonna stay up late and
Think about it anyway

  But if you've got to leave
        A                   E
  You'd better do it right away
  If you've got to go
  Well it's alright, I won't say
  D                         A            E
  "Stay", if you got to you got to go now
     D                                 Bm
  Or else you got to stay through the night

    E   A  F#m  C#m  E7
    Oh -
                   A    F#m  C#m  E7
    Think about it babe
                   A    F#m  C#m  E7
    Think about it babe
                   A    F#m  C#m  E7
    Think about it babe

      (guitar solo for verse & bridge)

Oo that clock is ticking on my wall
High noon was never this bad at all
So they say, the eagle flies

And the hands will meet
Like on a brand new day
So think about it babe if you're goin' away

    Oh, think about it babe...

Contributed by Suonna Kononen