Lyrics & Chords: Daemon Duncetan's Request

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Dark Album (1977)
      D                 Bm             A             G
We're here, said Daemon Duncetan, all about a little raise
   D           Bm               A        G
To help us get through to those better days
       D           Bm            A         G
'cause we've been united and our colour is true
       D           Bm                 A          G
And we really mean business and could do it with you

Oh yes, said Holy Peter, standing by the pearly gate
I ain't sure that the Master's home right now,
  but if you can wait
I can take up a message all about your beef
And have him check it over and maybe see about relief

       D        G                  E
  Turn stone to bread, said Daemon Duncetan
       D        F#           Bm
  Turn stone to bread right away
  G    D        G                  E
  Turn stone to bread, said Daemon Duncetan
       D        F#              Bm
  Turn stone to bread without delay

Daemon, said Peter, that's about the tallest order
  I ever did hear
I ain't sure I can help you, he said pickin' his ear
'cause it's written that in practice your loss is your gain
And sweet forever after, but what was that again?

  Turn stone to bread...

   D                      /C#
    Because our granaries are all empty
            /C                     B
    There's not enough to go around
            Em      Bm    A    Am  E   F#  /G#   B
    And our cabbage crops have not yielded substitute
   B                 /Bb
    And there hasn't been an abundance
         /A                 G#
    Of alternatives offhand lately
            C#m G#m    F#  F#m        C# D# /F        G#
    And our miners are striking these happy bourgeois days
   G#                      /G
    And while you're at it how about gettin' him
           /F#                           F
    To rearrange the code of equality at large
             Bbm Fm    D# D#m   Bb    C      /D      F
    Of distribution of power of those who've been in charge
   F                     /E
    And if not would you please just record
         /D#                                D
    That one Daemon Duncetan tendered his request
          Gm Dm C      Cm     G  A  /B   D
    And retired at the Lord's grace into rest

Said Peter, this really is not in my line
I'm all into changin' water to wine
And I don't want to disappoint you and I wouldn't want
  to be a drag
But what you're requesting just isn't my bag

Said Daemon, who's sorry too, but y'see we didn't have no choice
And our hands they are many and we'd be of one voice
We've come all the way from Wigan to get up and state
Our case for survival before it's too late

  Turn stone to bread, said Daemon Duncetan
  Turn stone to bread right away
  Turn stone to bread or Yorkshire pudding
  Turn stone to bread without delay

      (accordion solo)

Contributed by Suonna Kononen