Lyrics: How To Make It Big In Hospital

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Fairyport (1971)
Well I burnt my suit and I shaved my head
and I hunt for cherokees
and I trip up scouts, but I don't use knees
'cos I don't like blood on my dungerees
and I thrown out all my groovy beads and bells
and bangles.

Yes I roam my town for a red or brown
with my house-trained pet mongoose
well he's pretty tame 'til he gets cut loose
and I knot my tie in a hangman's noose
and I thrown out my Stanley Mathews tips on
how to make it big on the right-wing.

My job at the butcher's
pays well, educates me
fat pig, first the lungs and then liver
yeah, yeah, chop it into suey
then hang, swing it in the window for a week

Well, my first name's Fred and it rhymes with de
and I don't take groovy jive
try it on and you won't leave alive
so just don't get near to my half-pint beer
and I thrown out all my William Burroughs books on
how to make it big in hospital