Lyrics & Chords: Island Town

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Corporal Cauliflowers Mental Function (1977)
Verse		| Ab | Db(6) | Ab | Fm | Db(6) | Ab | Eb7 | Db :||

Ch./G. solo 	| F#7sus4 | B | F#7sus4 | B | Em7 | A7 | G(7) | C7 ||

Bridge in F

- Verse - Ch. - Verse - Ch. - Bridge - Verse - Ch. - Bridge -  G. solo -

(She said optional) Been around and over all
this great big land and in the forest where
the wild-bear run been rolled beneath the stars
with a shield four-ice and been sitting in
the midnight sun and I been in the circle
near the northern pole there isn't much
Thavn't seen or done, but one of them's
sitting on the beach in Island Town banging
coconuts in the sun

Try to get a place upon that Weastern-bound
the smoke already out in sight
hop aboard and we'll be half-way there
before it gets too light

With that midday moon beating down black hills
off to the right, followed them down
along the clouds disappearing into the night
on my lap were those directions and map
intentions none
except to get to that beach in Island Town
and bang coconuts in the sun

So amidst the swaying pines and a thousand
lakes, northern promise at one of her heights
disconnected oil-pipe, didn't get so warm
no more since the corporation bought the rights
and I remember the words you told me
at the front-age when I had to run
'don't forget to send a line from Island Town
between bangin' coconuts in the sun
'cos I'll be waiting for your card or call
or maybe something like a photograph
or a bottle of sun-tan all
or anything in oil
from Island Town uhngrää

Chord transcription by Jenni Riihelä