Lyrics: May Your Will Be Done Dear Lord

by Jukka Gustavson. Album: Fairyport (1971)
  Thank you for this, day; thank you for receiving my prayers
For giving me unfailing love while offering your help on my terms -
  The bitter within had lost the coming moment faith and sight.
Feeling felt the end beginning. Knowing knew the end to end.

You're forgiving, giving ever-ending life and tenderness.
  Giving me events in time; the strength of going on, ever-lasting life and new sense -
  Giving me love, the coming of my soul, giving me ever-rising life and love.
       How am I to thank you. You sent me love; now, how much i love.

Lord, I know you near, though the burden of flesh blocks you from my strength.
 Thank you showing understanding when cast out from our reality by this blind strength of
      If I could only help to return love, your strength, within the reach of other beings
      If I could only grasp you for us p- eople of the Earth, even with no words to serve

No; may your will be done, on Earth as well as in Heaven.
Let my love endure and let forgiven. May your will be done -
   Thank you..for seeing high-flown-delusions. Moon and stars are down a heavy dark,
                                                                   quite symbolic.
Love, yet the strength; to forgive. Love; the remedy of self; A Bridging:

                           The mind must be cured.
                             Joined to conscience. Through the immediate
                           No time for the mediate. Pollutiondeath.
                                                    The Flood, Ice-Age. Ten years ahead.

                           The eyes must be opened.
                             Joined to the universe.
                             By earthy means. No time for dozing.
                         Atrophied human. Slave of peoples in space.
                         In time.

                             The consciousness must evolve.
                                            Into totalities.
                                                            Through self-awareness.
                         No time for being-awake.
                         Destruction of mankind.
                         Ten years ahead

Mostly translated from Finnish into English by Mats Huldén