Lyrics: Oh Marlene!

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Dark Album (1977)
Verse:   ||:   A        D    |   Hm7      | A        D    |   Hm7      :||
Chorus:  ||:   F#m      E    |     D      | F#m      E    |     D      :||
Bridge:  ||:   A7     |   Adim    |  Dm6/A    |   A      :||

Oh I'd stumble through the hail and thunder 
take my seat and I'd sit in wonder 
see you again on the silver screen 
my precious heart Marlene 
My clothes were old, torn and scrappy 
couldn't fit in,I was so unhappy 
romance,no chance,but just one smile from you 
made it all worth while 

Oh Marlene! my one and only 
Oh Marlene ! picked me up when I was lonely 
Oh Mar1ene! you made it Oh Marlene: 

Wrote and told you how I felt about you 
and how I couldn't live without you 
miles away from me but close at heart 
we was never apart 
My love undulating and unrepentant 
overwhelming, never ending 
laughing,crying,living & dying 
my Goddess and my Queen 
Oh Marlene! 

(Just like I always needed you 
as the flowers need rain 
and the rain needs clouds 
and clouds need the sun 
to make that silver lining) 

Your companies' reply arrived stating 
that you hadn't been out shooting or making 
no more scenes or taken no calls 
since nineteen forty-four 
you had retired and given up dating 
and that it wern't no use to go on waiting! 
you'd made my life all worth living 
with all that you were giving,why'd you stop it?! 

Oh Marlene! why did you do it 
Oh Marlene! my sole intoxication 
Oh Marlene! oh you were so bad 
Oh Marlene: always need you 

( Just like the sun needs the moon 
to make a total eclipse 
and the day needs the night 
and the sea needs the ships. 
All these and more so I need you. ) 

Chord transcription by Kari Herranen