Lyrics & Chords: Pleasure Street

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Light Ages (1993)
E  A  E  A

          E                         A                E    A
Oh in the alley by the sidewalk the band they take a break
E                            A                         E   A
Trying to make a list of the things that they ought to take
     E                      A                  E   A
When up turns the hat-check girl, says time to blow
     E                 A                       E   A
Everybody is waiting tonight for the Big Freak Show

          E                         G#m
  And the barman says now don't you worry here son
     C#m                        E               G#m
  My middle name is Adolf and I do this job for fun
  You are on a run - whoah I said

   A            E
    Way down on Pleasure Street
          A                   E
    It's a freaky place where freaks all meet, yeah
   A            E                  B
    Way down on Pleasure Street, whoah
                         E   A  E  A
    Where the freaks all meet

So up rides Napoleon saying how much he was framed
Riding round in Russia and riding back home again
And his trusty nag trigger did not know which way to go
'Till he finally wound up in the middle of the Big Freak Show

  Well, Ahab was playing in the Penny Arcade
  Counting up the pennies and the nickles yes
  That he's made - got to get paid, flayed and laid now

    Way down on...

      (saxophone solo)

    Hey, way down on...

So the moral of the story and the meaning of the song
Is that the only game in town tonight is the one you're on
And you can always get what you want, oh yes
But if everything is closed just ask for Johnnie's restaurant

  Well, Debra and Rhonda they'll be dancing their stuff
  Free beer for customers that give them enough
  It's rough, all over it's tough, yes

    Way down on...

      (End of the song with ad lib spoken vocals)

Contributed by Suonna Kononen