Lyrics & Chords: Sane Again

by Jim Pembroke. Album: The Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose (1976)
A          G#         G#m             B (1st G#)
Happy face human race swingin' in the rain
A              G#                  G#m            B...
Get yer rags together 'cause we're going down the lane
A             G#                G#m            B...
Rosary beads amongst your needs cancell on the brain
A             G#    C#   C#m
Grand to feel sane again

Maggot race wild goose chase Doggod who to blame
Tapdance in the gutter, going down the drain
Money greed chicken-feed lose and call it gain
Grand to feel sane again

  "Genus humanum genus desperatum cui spes unica famae in
   luto se volvens. Superare sues in faece volutantes. Mente
   demissa quodlibet canticum exsibila. Mente sana esse
   iucundum est. Thank you very much. Pueris virgatis
   stellatisque. Gratias."

Human race salvation case only claim to fame
Wallow in the mire, put a pig in shit to shame
Whistle when you're down and out any old refrain
Grand to feel sane again

  A             G#    C# C#m A            G#      F#m  C#m
  Grand to feel sane again, grand to feel sane - again

Contributed by Suonna Kononen