Lyrics, Chords & Tablatures: Skyscraper

by Pekka Rechardt and Jim Pembroke. Album: Light Ages (1993)

G5                                        D5
There she is again looking for a place to run
G5                                      D5
Big bells ringing Yeah Quasimodo in the sun
G5                                D5
She will find a way Oh She is the one
G5                                       D5
Cry those tears of joy 'till the morning comes

Hm (w/riff B:)                      G    A
Well, heaven let it open on up now (Skyscraper)
Hm                    G     A
Sun pouring down    (Skyscraper)
Hm                                   G     A
In the middle of a great big heathwawe  (Skyscraper)
Hm                                     G      A
While you're dancing in your morning gown  (Skyscraper)

So we jump into a caddy baby close the door real tight 
We gonna ride on baby yes off into the night
Yeah way up on the roof party flying so high
Over on the tower fire red blue and white

Well heaven….

(Gtr. Solo)
Hm | % | G | % | Em | % | Hm | % | G | % | Em | % | Em |  (harm. Notes)

G5                                          D5
Yes the boiling moon raging on a screaming sky
In those streets of neon ribbons with the fartman flying on by
Take me down to toonville gimme baby high five
Yes n' bring me 'round my caddy 'cos I gotta make Larry King live

G5         D5
So we jump….

Hm           G      A    
Once upon a skyscraper  (x4)

Well heaven….

(Gtr. Solo)
||: Hm | % | G | % | Em | % :|| Hm | % | G | % | Em | % | Em |  (harm. Notes)

  < harm.>                       D5

      Hm                             G                    A

Contributed by Kari Herranen