Lyrics: Street Café

by Jim Pembroke & Mike Westhues. Single: Street Café / Jordanian Holiday (1978)
Well it was one of those nights
you aiways hear about
yeah the moon was high
and the stars were out
where the shoreline down past
the lighthouse point
is filled with street cafes

Oh there was laughin' and singin'
an' dancin' abound
an' there was parties an' drinkin'
an' fallin' around
where the colourful lanterns swung
bright in the sound
of the holiday street cafe

An' we were out there singin'
most every night
just playin' them tunes
that make a holiday right
Everybody screamin' 'Gimme
one more round.
though we came to rock an' roll
seems this whole damn town was singin'
La la la la la la la la la la la

Well now the tourists all laughed
and they cried for more
well rollin' and squimin'
all over the floor
when the proprietor said
he'd seen this all before
at the holiday street cafe

Well now the local home-guard
was there checkin' it out
although they knew in advance
what the fuss was about
when all of sudden the lights burned out
at the holiday street cafe

And with it dark out front
we thought our ship had sunk
I said 'throw me a beer,
I'm drowning'
The night was still young
an' though we'd only begun
when this human monsoon
threw us all outa tune
we're singing' la la la la

Oh the customers returned
from off the walls and floor
and with the lights in their eyes
they ordered some more
an' drinks were on the house
and the guards were out the door
oh at the holiday street cafe

And the music never stopped
to the owners relief
who soon gained control
to the chatter of his teeth
and offerd regrets
for inconvienience and grief
at the holiday street cafe
everybody singin' la la la la
Holiday street cafe