Lyrics & Chords: The Item Is The Totem

by Pekka Rechardt and Mats Huldén. Album: Dark Album (1977)
Em        F#m7   C#m   F#m7   C#m

When Randolph pulls a randomizer 
on his bloodline blues 
to further his estate 
he means to use it 
'cos he's been turning weightless 
since he's paid his breadline dues 
he bought that token 
and now needs to lose it. 

          Bm   Gmaj7   Em   Bm   Gmaj7   Em

This winter it's the split-eyed look 
and in the squint of spring 
the vogue will be 
for chic polarization 
kids spending their allowance 
on next season's thing 
because the day-glo packs 
such sweet persuasion. 

     Rumours on the rebound 
     you can pick up on the news 
   Bm                           F#m
     Item equals totem claims-researcher. 

           (4 x)  C#m   A

           Bm   Gmaj7   Em7

In his thread-bare outfit 
tearing through the parking-lot 
dodging his limbs 
that kick like ancient cannon 
toting hardware 
just to shoot his way out of this plot 
that holds him to the wheels 
that Adam ran on. . . 

     They say you must assemble 
     your ensemble by detail 
     or else end up as destitute as Randolph. 

          (2 x)  Bm   F#m
          (6 x)  C#m  A
          (2 x)  Bm   Gmaj7   Em7

Transcribed by Suonna Kononen