Lyrics & Chords: Tombstone Valentine

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Tombstone Valentine (1970)
G  Cm7  G  Cm7

Ab             Dbm7
Landladies are real strange people
Ab                    Dbm7
gotta watch what they do
A               Dm7
Rent places for real fat prices
A              Dm7
then outta the blue
Bb               Ebm7
raise hell outta noise and suchlike
Bb              Ebm7
and my boogie kazoo
A          G6/9 Fj7
Send her a valentine

G                Cm7
She goes for her walks on Wednesdays
G             Cm7
on a Saturday night
Ab                   Dbm7
straight down to the local graveyard
Ab               Dbm7
by the moody moonlight
A                 Dm7
She likes to read all the tombstones
A                 Dm7
reads between the lines
Bb                  Ebm7
Makes meanings that spell her stories
Bb                 Ebm7
then makes 'em all rhymes
A             G6/9 Fj7
Send her some Valentines

  Dm6                                 Am
  She keeps her monkeys in a budgie's case
  Bb7-5             Am9  E7       A
  I have heard them cry "Save our souls!
         Dm Dm7           Bm7-5 Bbj7
  'cause we   don't wanna die
     D     Bb  BĪ  F  Bb  A  Dm
  so young"

  (banjo solo) G  Cm7  G  Cm7  Ab  Dbm7  A  Dbm7

  A          G6/9 Fj7  Fj7-5
  Send her a valentine

She goes for her walks...

Chords contributed by Suonna Kononen