Malcolm Dove, Classic Rock Presents Prog 15 (May 2010):

Wigwam: Nuclear Nightclub - The Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose

While Finland has been overrun with quality metal bands in recent years, it might have escaped people's attention that a highly regarded prog band came from there in the late 1960s. Wigwam started in 1968, and became something of a cult name over the next few years.

These two reissues deal with a period when the band, fronted by Englishman Jim Pembroke, were actually going for a more commercial sound, albeit still with musical depth.

Nuclear Nightclub, their fifth album, came out in 1975, and was their most successful record. Following on from 74's Being (regarded as their masterwork), at the time it seemed very lightweight. But now the balance between pop and prog appears a lot more considered. In fact, Wigwam never eschew their musicianship for quick cash. Both Pig Storm and Bless Your Lucky Stars are undervalued classics.

A year later, The Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose added a funk groove to the mix. This is arguably the band's best album apart from Being, with the songs like the title track or June May Be Too Late proving you can take influences from Parliament and Gentle Giant and make it work as a whole concept. Prog-funk lives!