Jukka Gustavson's Gigs in Various Line-ups

[Roosters] [Alone Together Orchestra] [Bob Dylan Tribute Tour] [Kosmopojat] [Sahti] [with Wando Suvanto] [Remu & No Panic Band] [Eriääri] [Väreilyä] [with Zekosto] [Moments] [Hot Toe] [Jang Vans] [Suhkan Uhka] [Avalanche] [Gustavson & Raittinen Rhythm & Blues Band] [with Gnomus] [Jukka Gustavson Blues Band] [Jukka Gustavson Organ Fusion Band] [UMO] [with British Standard] [with Hoedown][with SF-Blues] [Björkenheim-Gustavson Quartet] [Strandberg Project] [Street Level] [Vesa Aaltonen Prog Band] [solo gigs] [with occasional bands]

The following gig lists are far from complete and may contain errors. If you have further info about dates, venues, set lists etc., please contact me: gmerilainen [at] live.com.
An audio tape is known to exist of the performances marked with an asterisk (*).


Alone Together Orchestra

Bob Dylan Tribute Tour



with Wando Suvanto

Remu & No Panic Band

Eriääri (dance and light work)

Väreilyä - synesteettinen synteesi (dance work)

with Zekosto


Hot Toe

Jang Vans

Suhkan Uhka


Gustavson & Raittinen Rhythm & Blues Band

with Gnomus

Jukka Gustavson Blues Band

Jukka Gustavson Organ Fusion Band


with British Standard

with Hoedown

with SF-Blues

Björkenheim-Gustavson Quartet

Strandberg Project

Street Level (Gustavson/Strandberg/Törnroos)

Vesa Aaltonen Prog Band

solo gigs

with occasional bands