Records with Involvement by Pekka Pohjola

Wigwam: Pedagogi / Häätö (single: Love Records LRS 1047)
Wigwam: Tombstone Valentine (LP: Love Records LRLP 19, CD: Love/Siboney LRCD 9/19)
Wigwam: Fairyport (LP: LRLP 44/45, CD: LRCD 44/45)
Jukka Tolonen: Tolonen! (LP: LRLP 47, CD: LRCD 47/91)
First solo album by Tolonen, guitarist of Tasavallan Presidentti. It actually started the unofficial "series" at Love Records, which was continued by Pohjola´s first soloalbum "Pihkasilmä ...". Pohjola plays on three tracks out of five, does not take any solos. "Last night" is from the same jamsession as "Rave-up for the roadies" on Wigwam´s "Fairyport" -album. Quite influential album on the finnish rock scene. --Pekka Nissilä
Pekka Pohjola: Pihkasilmä kaarnakorva (LP: LRLP 71, CD: LRCD 71)
Hot Thumbs O'Riley: Wicked Ivory (LP: LRLP 52, Charisma CAS 1071, CD: LRCD 52)
Dave Lindholm: Isokynä Lindholm (LP: LRLP 56, CD: LRCD 56)
Dave Lindholm climbed to the top of finnish singer/songwriters immediately with this soloalbum, which was his debut as a soloartist. Actually Lindholm was one of the pioneers of such in Finland - rock artist with original material in finnish. Greatly influenced ao. by Bob Dylan, Lindholm didn´t use rhymes or even meter. Typical rockband-sound of the times, a lot of emphasis on the lyrics, hardly any solos and so on. Pohjola plays on eight tracks out of eleven. First CD-edition included Lindholm´s second album Sirkus, on which Pohjola does not play. "Isokynä" translates "Great Pen Lee", a pseudonym Lindholm adapted while in his teens. --Pekka Nissilä
Maarit: Maarit (LP: LRLP 95, CD: LRCD 95)
Maarit (née Äijö) astounded almost everyone when she arrived on the scene, there hadn´t been any female rocksingers of her calibre around in Finland. Her two first albums - of which this is the debut - are quite varied stylistically, songs used being from very different genres. The nucleus of sessionmusicians consists of Wigwam (see next presentation), the material including two Jim Pembroke -originals ("Sweet Marie" & "Resigned to Surrender", which he recorded on his second album "Pigworm"), and one song they used to play live on their gigs, Procol Harum -classic "A Salty Dog". Pohjola plays on ten tracks out of twelve (the two remaining ones use double bass). CD-version has two bonus tracks - both sides of her debut single - and Pohjola plays at least on the A-side, "Aamun tulo" ("the broke of morning"). Maarit has continued her career steadily thru the years, including more and more of her own compositions. --Pekka Nissilä
Muska: Sininen tarina / Miten on päällikkö? (single: LRS 2009)
Muska: Muska (LP: LRLP 94, CD: LRCD 94)
Muska (née Babitzin) started her career around the same time as did Maarit (see previous presentation), and the two ladies caused some tense opinions for and against. Muska was more rock ´n roll with her loud, husky voice, compared to more sensitive Maarit. Anyhow, their debut albums were in the production more or less simultaneously, and Wigwam played a lot on both productions. Their own (fourth) album Being took much more studio time to complete than estimated, and they agreed to compensate it by playing with no charge on some Love Records recording sessions, these two albums (Muska & Maarit) being the major part of it. Material consists mainly of covers, anything from Chuck Berry and Hank Williams to Slade and Nazareth. CD-version has eight bonus tracks (singles), on which Pohjola plays at least on five. --Pekka Nissilä
Pihasoittajat: Hattukauppiaan aamu (LP: LRLP 77, CD: LRCD 77)
Second album by irish-rooted folkgroup Pihasoittajat ("yardplayers"), a somewhat successful band in Finland during early seventies. Pohjola plays on five tracks out of thirteen. Sessionmusicians are not credited on the cover of the CD-version, which also has five bonus tracks added from the band´s first, english-language album. --Pekka Nissilä
Rauli Badding Somerjoki: Ja rokki soi | Nuori rakkaus (single: LRS 2023)
bass on the A-side
Isokynä Lindholm: Rock kukko / Tätä on mun rock & roll (single: LRS 2029)
Isokynä Lindholm: Se se on rokkii / Tapaaminen (single: LRS 2050)
bass on the B-side
Jim Pembroke: Pigworm (LP: LRLP 103, CD: LRCD 103)
Pekka Pohjola: Harakka Bialoipokku (aka B The Magpie) (LP: LRLP 71, Virgin V 2036, CD: LRCD 71)
Wigwam: Being (LP: LRLP 92, CD: LRCD 92)
Wigwam: Live Music From The Twilight Zone (LP: LXLP 517/518, CD: LXCD 517)
Jukka Hauru: Episode (LP: LRLP 144)
bass on tracks "Enema Syringe" and "When I met my wondergirl"
Jukka Tolonen: Hysterica (LP: LRLP 149, CD: LRCD 149)
After leaving Wigwam, Pohjola played regularly with Tolonen´s solo group for about six months, but plays only on one track on this, Tolonen´s fourth album. The track "Tiger" was recorded on a different session as the rest of the tracks, with somewhat different personnel. --Pekka Nissilä
Jussi & The Boys & Friends: Kehä kaartuu (LP: Finnlevy Scandia SLP 620, CD: Warner 0927-41649-2)
bass, arranger, composer
Pohjola had played with Jussi Raittinen´s legendary The Boys -outfit for short time just before he was asked to join Wigwam (one concert recording by Finnish Radio Broadcasting exists). When the band had it´s 10th anniversary, a special concert program was produced, and parts of it were recorded too, on this (studio)album. Pohjola plays on all ten tracks, which include r&b standard "Turn on your lovelight", oldtime countryclassic "Will the circle be unbroken", and quite unexpectedly, one Pohjola-original, instrumental "Elämä jatkuu" ("life goes on"), which is originally on his "Harakka ..." album. Pohjola has arranged two of the covers, the so-called Spector-classics "You´ve lost that lovin´ feelin´" and "River deep, mountain high". Jukka Gustavson (ex-Wigwam) plays also on the entire session. Five tracks are included on a Jussi & The Boys -compilation (Fazer/Finnlevy Safir SAFCD 2025), and the whole album was released on CD in Febrary 2002. --Pekka Nissilä
Unisono: Unisono (LP: Finnlevy Hi-Hat HILP 106)
Finnish jazzrock-band, which made few gigs, mainly abroad, with slight changes among the personnel even during the short period of it´s existense. Pohjola joined the band for the last period, which included this recording. Tracks are all originals, three by reedman Paroni Paakkunainen (plays on many Pohjola-records), one by pianist Olli Ahvenlahti (played with Pohjola in The Group), and one by drummer Reino Laine (plays on "Pihkasilmä ..."). Fifth member is guitarist Nono Söderberg. Pohjola takes a lenghty solo on "Chorea urbana", a track which is dedicated to the memory of Matti Kurkinen - a guitarist friend, who was killed in an autoaccident. Excellent album, very much in Weather Report -style. A minor possibility for the CD-release in coming years. --Pekka Nissilä
Pihasoittajat: Kontaten kotia (LP: LRLP 131, CD: LRCD 131)
The third (and last) album by the group, actually almost an solo effort from its leader Kim Kuusi. Only a few members from the original group appear on various tracks, which are mainly played by top-notch sessionmen, including Pohjola. He plays on eight tracks out of thirteen, does not take a solo, although plays with personal feel. He plays also piano on the track "Viulu-ukko" ("the old man fiddle"), which was Finland´s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975. Excellent album, the mood being heavily on lyrics and on the overall fusion of folk and jazz. --Pekka Nissilä
Eero Koivistoinen: The Front Is Breaking (LP: LRLP 188, CD: LRCD 188)
Saxplayer/composer Koivistoinen recorded this jazzfunkgroove album in Stockholm with session line-up. Aside Pohjola, another special point of interest is that Jukka Tolonen plays guitar - he hasn´t played that much session work. Pohjola plays on all six tracks, taking a solo on "Sci-fi". A very fine album, produced by Georg Wadenius. --Pekka Nissilä
Olli Ahvenlahti: The Poet (LP: LRLP 168, CD: LRCD 168)
Pianist/composer Ahvenlahti´s second effort as a leader, recorded in Stockholm around the same time as Koivistoinen´s "The Front ...", and Made in Sweden -album too, this one´s also being produced by Georg Wadenius. Hancock/Weather Report -influences are imminent, but good jazzfunkgroove -feel, nicely written and arranged (with four horns). Pohjola plays on all six tracks, soloing on "Aura" and "Sambatown". --Pekka Nissilä
Made in Sweden: Made in Sweden (LP: LRLP 207, CD: LRCD 207)
bass, composer
A multinational effort, with Pohjola and drummer Vesa Aaltonen (ex-Tasavallan Presidentti) from Finland, keyboardist Wlodek Gulkowski from Poland, and guitarist Georg Wadenius (ex-Blood, Sweat & Tears) and vocalist Tommy Körberg (starred in musical Chess ten years later) from Sweden. Somewhat uneven and restless album, but it includes one Pohjola-original, which he hasn´t touched since, "45 sec. of arc per century". Band toured Scandinavia, but didn´t last long. They said "no thanks", when asked to play as Abba´s back-up band on their world tour. --Pekka Nissilä
Kirka: Lauantaiyö (CD: EMI 7243 4944052 4)
bass, co-arranger
Pohjola played as sessionman on this one (as did drummer Vesa Aaltonen too), quite an interesting album by one of Finland´s most popular pop/rock singers, Kirka Babitzin. He has his roots in pure rock & roll and soul, but has made his career with much more "pop" material. Tracks include the soul ballad "When a man loves a woman" (co-arranged by Pohjola), Dan Hartman´s modern r&b standard "Easy street" and two Stevie Wonder-covers, "Smile please" and "All in love is fair". --Pekka Nissilä
Freeman: Freeman (LP: LRLP 208, CD: LRCD 208)
Mikko Alatalo: Syli / Saara (single: LRS 2112)
arrangement by Otto Donner
Both tracks at least on the compilations Mikon parhaat (LRLP 311 / 1979), Maalaispojan rallit (HILP 146 / 1979).
Kalle Lae: Ominpäin (LP: Scandia SLP 638)
bass on some tracks (Heikki Virtanen being the other bassist on that LP)
Tabula Rasa: Ekkedien tanssi (LP: LRLP 170, CD: LRCD 170)
bass on "Ekkedien tanssi"
Inga & Lasse: Stay For A While (LP: LRLP 167)
bass on some tracks (Heikki Virtanen being the other bassist on the LP)
Brian Chapman: It's A Long Long Story (LP: EMI 7C 062-35402)
She's Always There | Save Me | For The First Time | Beautiful Vacation | People Come People Go ||| It's A Long Long Story | It's Magic | You Bring Out The Best In Me | Landslide Of Love | Once Again
bass on A4, B3, B5
Freeman: Freeman 2 (LP: LRLP 249)
bass on "Valmiina kaikki on taas" and "Oolrait!"
Göran Fristorp: Sjunger Fröding (LP: Sonet SLP-2598)
I bönhuset | Skalden Wennerbom | En visa | En nyårslåt | Landsvägmaja | Im wunderschönen Monat Mai ||| En fårfästmö (om jag hade haft någon) | I ungdomen | Vår | En morgondröm V | En morgondröm VI | En vårmorgon | En majvisa
electric bass on A2, A3, B1, B3-B5
On the same tracks Janne Schaffer plays the guitar and Björn J:son Lindh plays the keyboards and the flute. Occasionally they sound like The Group! --Pertti Hakala
Rune Gustafsson: Move (LP: Sonet SLP-2601)
Tommy Körberg, Monica Nielsen: hjärtat fyllt av trots (LP: A Disc BS 770314)
electric bass
Tomas Ledin: Tomas Ledin (LP: Polydor 2379 138)
electric bass
Juice Leskinen: Anne ja Jacques / Pedro (single: LRS 2190)
Juice Leskinen is one of the most succesful and beloved composer/lyricists of all times in Finland. Pohjola plays only on the A-side of the single - made for a popular song contest - which Leskinen recorded after his previous band, Juice, had broken up. Again, the session musicians include top players of that time, Pohjola, bass, Antero Jakoila, guitar, Esa Kotilainen, keyboard, and Ronnie Österberg, drums. Pohjola did this record only as a studio musician. The song itself is a quite basic pop tune with focus purely on lyrics and nice arrangement. However, Pohjola plays nicely and is recognisable. The B-side of the single, Pedro, was recorded with Juice's new band, Juice Leskinen Slam. This song is included in Juice's compilation Kautta aikain (Johanna Kustannus/ Grand Slam 1000 400112). --Veikko Eranti
Pekka Pohjola: Keesojen lehto (aka Mathematician's Air Display) (LP: LRLP 219, V 2084, CD: LRCD 219)
Pugh Rogefeldt: Bamalama (LP: Multitone MLP 15603)
bass on "Kärleksmachinen" (Sex Machine) and "Hällregn" (It's gonna stop rainin' soon)
Björn Skifs: Watch Out! (LP: EMI 7C 062-35320)
bass on "Slow Down" (B5)
The Group: The Group (LP: Finnlevy DigIt DIGLP 1, CD: Warner 8573-87580-2)
bass, co-composer
After Made in Sweden disbanded, Pohjola joined a somewhat loose jamsession group, which developed into a band with the personnel Pohjola, Vesa Aaltonen (d), Olli Ahvenlahti (kb) and a newcomer, guitarist Seppo Tyni. Material on the (only) album consists of five originals, credited to Pohjola and Ahvenlahti as co-writers. Some of this probably is so, but it´s hard to believe that Ahvenlahti has anything to do especially with "Annapurna", one of Pohjola´s finer compositions, which he unfortunately has not played live since. The Group played also some covers, by Chick Corea and the likes, and performed e.g. at the Pori Jazz Festival (tv-recording exists). Also two special gigs (at least one of them is recorded by Finnish Radio Broadcasting) with (minor) symphony orchestras were produced. Although Pohjola has said that he rather would leave the whole album forgotten, (the current owner) Warner released it on CD in May 2001 - which was waited for years by us, the musiclovers! Album sounds (again!) a lot like Weather Report and Return for Forever. --Pekka Nissilä
Jukka Siikavire: Siikavire (LP: LRLP 262)
Pohjola played on this as sessionman, the tracks being arranged by Ahvenlahti. Actually The Group plays on many tracks, augmented by reedman Pekka Pöyry (ex-Tasavallan Presidentti), who plays also on three Pohjola-albums ("Pihkasilmä ...", "Harakka ..." and "Visitation"). Music is very varied, focusing mainly on lyrics. Siikavire has since made his career more as an composer - songs, theater, television. CD-release is unlikely in the near future, although Siboney (which owns the Love Records catalogue) has plans to release the whole catalogue on CD in years to come. --Pekka Nissilä
Mikko Alatalo: Yhdentoista virran maa (LP: Hi Hat HILP 130)
One of the several sessions conducted by keyboardist/arranger/composer Kassu Halonen, on which Pohjola has played thru the years, and this is probably one of the very first. Drummer Vesa Aaltonen and guitarist Seppo Tyni are also playing in these sessions. Singer/songwriter Alatalo had become quite successful performer in the mid-70´s, and started his ambitious trilogy about the major change in the finnish society from the mid-60´s with this album (concluding parts being released 1981 and 1982), and the focus is heavily on the lyrics. Not yet released on CD, but five songs are included on a compilation culled from the original trilogy-albums (Siirtomaasuomen laulut Fazer Finnlevy Hi-Hat HICD 1 1990). --Pekka Nissilä
Gabor Szabo: Belsta River (LP: Four Leaf Clover FLC-5030, CD: Four Leaf Clover FLCCD-2001/2)
Pekka Pohjola: Visitation (LP: DIGLP 4, CD: Fazer Music 220222)
Mike Oldfield: Exposed (2LP: V 2511, 2CD: EMI 849372)
Halonen: Halonen (LP: Delta DELP 21, CD: Warner 8573-87905-2)
Eino Valtanen: Hellurei ja hellät tunteet (LP: Anuco 1014)
Production: Pekan Musiikki (P) 1979. Engineering and mixing: Måns Groundstroem, 23.-29.8.1979. Backing musicians: Pekka Pohjola (b), Tomi Parkkonen (dr), Heikki Laurila (g), Olli Ahvenlahti (b), Juhani Aaltonen (ten. sax) etc.
Pepe Willberg: Päivä tuskin päättyis kauniimmin (LP: Finnlevy FL 5065)
bass (actually, the group backing Pepe is The Group)
Pekka Pohjola Group: Kätkävaaran lohikäärme (LP: DIGLP 12, CD: Fazer Music 4509-96415-2)
Carola: Maria Maria (LP: Gold Disc GDL 2024)
bass on the following tracks: Kesäinen kukkiva maa | Jos olet laulu | Canto de Ossanha | Mua tuudi hyväillen
Pori Big Band: Pori Jazz 80 (LP: Pori Jazz Productions PJPL 1003)
Harri Saksala: Kymmenen Laulua (LP: Lobo HL 52)
bass on some tracks (shares bass duties with Ilkka Hanski)
Taljanka: Kun kohdattiin (LP: Finnlevy FL 5090)
bass on the track "Kun kohdattiin"
Various artists: Tavastia live! (LP: Criminal Records CRLP 001)
bass on the track "Kasvamisen koetuksia"
Vesa-Matti Loiri: Tulkitsee Oskar Merikannon lauluja Esko Linnavallin sovituksina (LP: Gold Disc GDL 2035)
bass on "Kylän tiellä"
Al Vizzutti: Rainbow (LP: Baybridge / Teichiku Records KUX-156-B)
Pekka Pohjola: Urban Tango (LP: Pohjola PELP 1, Breakthru Records BRS 1, JA & RO 4109, CD: Pohjola PELPCD 1)

Impun tango (a-side) Silent Decade (b-side)
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Pekka Pohjola: Impun tango 3:40 (edited version) / Silent Decade 4:11 (single: Pohjola Records PESI 1)
composition, arrangement, bass
Tracks from the album Urban Tango. Silent Decade lyrics by Erkka Kettunen, vocals by Esa Kaartamo.
Kassu Halonen: Trans Sahara (LP: Finnlevy Scandia SLP 9006, CD: Warner 8573-87909-2)
Somewhat more than just a session, this one is a solo album by Halonen. The nine tracks are mostly funk/hardrock-influenced rock, the sound is electric, and Pohjola does play a solo on the fast "Load of their lies". Interesting chance to hear Pohjola to play with that kind of 16´th note-groove ("Who knows the answer"), which he doesn´t do on his own albums at all. The nucleus of this session played also gigs as a band, and this project got Pohjola aquinted with drummer Keimo Hirvonen. He became a member of Pohjola´s band, starting with the album "Jokamies" (Everyman). Released on CD in autumn 2001. --Pekka Nissilä
Janne Louhivuori: Midnight Pink (LP: EMI/Parlophone 38427)
Marstio: Marstio (LP: Kerberos KEL 638)
Pekka Pohjola: Jokamies (aka Everyman) (LP: PELP 2, BRS 2, JA & RO 4117, CD: PELPCD 2)
Janne Louhivuori: Suomenlahti Soi (LP: EMI 9C 062-1384371)
Marjo-Riitta Kervinen: Happy To Be Alive (LP: Finnlevy Polydor 821 674-1)
bass, composer
First (and so far only) solo album by Kervinen, a veteran singer on pop/rock/jazz-scene in Finland. Started her career in a pop band during late 60´s, released few (band)albums during 70´s, moving towards jazz in the 80´s. Did also a lot of sessionwork as a backup-singer, and started to teach, being nowadays the principal vocal teacher at the Helsinki Polytechnic/pop&jazz department. Tracks are all (commissioned) originals, one, "Bad timing" being from Pohjola (lyrics by Kervinen), which he has arranged too. Pohjola plays on seven tracks out of nine. The sound is electric, although horns and strings are being used, and the style is very jazzrock. List of musicians is a regular "who´s who" on finnish jazzrock-scene. CD-release very unlikely. --Pekka Nissilä
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Naivismia (LP: Kerberos KEL 661)
Rin Tin Tin: Swazi Beat (LP: City Boy CITYLP 2)
Song Of Thousand Tears (bass)
Juha Vainio: Mummun aineet / Heiskasen kanssa kun heiluttiin (single: Delta DES 79)
bass on side A
Leena Vanamo: Sua kaipaan (LP: CBS 25866)
bass on 10 out of 13 tracks, including 'Viet itsekontrollin', a cover version of Laura Branigan's hit 'Self Control'
Pekka Pohjola: Space Waltz (LP: PELP 3, BRS 3, CD: PELPCD 3, Breakthru Records ABCD 1)
Pekka Pohjola: Flight Of The Angel (LP: PELP 4, CD: PELPCD 4)

Yesterday's Games cover
Espoo Big Band: Yesterday's Games (LP: Espoo Big Band EBBLP 2, CD: PELPCD 17)
Yesterday's Games Part I | Yesterday's Games Part II | Yesterday's Games Part III | Yesterday's Games Part IV | Bonus track (2014 CD edition): Yesterday's Games Parts I, II and III (Live in Australia 1998)
bass, composer
Commissioned work, a suite for a jazz big band. Pohjola also plays with the band on this recording, but does not take a solo. Hard-to-find vinyl LP (as are all the vinyls listed here!), CD-release is possible, but unlikely in the near future. He wrote another suite for UMO Jazz Orchestra in spring 2000, which isn´t commercially available as such (only a concert recording for Finnish Radio Broadcasting exists). UMO recorded only the second part ("Us, part II"), and included it on the album Transit People (NaxosJazz), released April 2001. However, Pohjola did re-arrange the piece, and recorded it in its entirety for his own album Wiews, released in May 2001. --Pekka Nissilä [Notes written before the 2014 CD release]
Maria Dolores: Maria Dolores (LP: EMI 1384841)
Kassu Halonen: I have played rock'n roll (CD: Warner 8573-87910-2)
organ on the track "Pretenders in love"
Kim Lönnholm: Rautataivas (single: Flamingo FGS 112)
Excellent gospel-influenced song, written by singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Esa Kaartamo, who was featured singing lead on "Silent Decade", a rare Pohjola-single in 1982 (which was included on "Urban Tango" CD as a bonus track). "Rautataivas" ("the iron sky") is co-arranged by Pohjola, and it came 4th in the national finale of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986. (Pohjola does not play on the recording.)
The track is included on the compilation LP Flamingo Hits (Flamingo FGL 4005), and in 1999 it was also included as a bonus track on the CD re-issue of "Minulla on koti" ("i have a home"), second album by Lönnholm (BMG Camden 74321642412). --Pekka Nissilä
Various artists: Joulun suuri toivekonsertti (2LP: Flamingo FGL 4009)
Lapinlahden Linnut: Vihreä gorilla (CD: EMI Parlophone 777-7954082)
Presentation below along with another Lapinlahden Linnut album "Lauluja Nuppilasta".
Tapani Kansa: Betonimylläri (CD: Bluebird BBCD 1052)
bass, arranger, conducting
A song-cycle to the lyrics of Lauri Viita, finnish poet of the 50´s, composed by jazz pianist/composer Heikki Sarmanto. Singer Tapani Kansa has made a career of over 30 years as a popsinger, and also every now and then has produced more "arty" material. Like this one, undoubtedly one of his best moments. Pohjola´s arrangements are very understanding, based on half a dozen woodwinds and few strings with rhythm section consisting of piano, bass, drums and percussion. Production also toured, one performance being broadcasted on television. Focus is heavily on lyrics, but "Pohjola-sound" (similar to "Pihkasilmä ...") is easily recognisable. --Pekka Nissilä
M. A. Numminen: Kriminaltango / Kannattaako rikos (single: EMI)
Lineup includes Albert Järvinen, Tomi Parkkonen, Pedro Hietanen. Featured on M. A. Numminen's compilation CD "Kiusankappaleita 2".
Lapinlahden Linnut: Lauluja Nuppilasta (CD: EMI Parlpophone 777-7905242)
Pohjola joined this theater/comedy/musicgroup as a "regular assistant" for a short period, playing on these two albums, and playing also live gigs at least during one summer. He appears on the 10th Anniversary Concert film, which was produced by the group (and not released, only once broadcasted on television). Songs are distinctive, composed by the group´s keyboardist Pekka Hedkrok. Lyrics - full of satire, parody and so on - are written by the members of the band. --Pekka Nissilä
Tapani Kansa: Oskar Merikannon kauneimmat laulut (CD: Bluebird BBCD 1061)
bass, arranger, conducting
Pohjola-Kansa collaboration continued with this collection of romantic songs by the most loved finnish composer of such, Oskar Merikanto, who lived in the late 1800´s. Chamber orchestra arrangements, quite true to the originals, but here and there some modern flavour occuring. --Pekka Nissilä
Vesa-Matti Loiri: Sydämeeni joulun teen (LP: Flamingo FGL 4034)
Rereleased in 1998 with additional tracks.
Margareta Othman-Sundell: Visor på äventyr (LP: Scandia SLP 723)
Swedish-language children's songs, Pohjola playing the bass on five tracks
Tapani Kansa: Öinen tuuli valvoo (CD: Bluebird BBCD 1077)
Quite normal sessionwork by Pohjola, tracks being mostly pop standards from the "american popular song" -genre. Nothing special, although it is interesting to hear Pohjola play on such tunes as "I´m a fool to want you", "Amado mio", "Johnny Guitar" and "Nature boy"! --Pekka Nissilä
Sakari Kuosmanen: Suurin onni (CD: Amulet WISHCD 32)
Highly interesting album by one of the most powerful finnish rocksingers, Sakari Kuosmanen, whose career has always been kind of "bubbling under". About half the songs are written by his longtime friend and collaborator, songwriter/guitarist Pekka Tegelman. The session is produced very much band-like, players include (aside Pohjola) guitarist Seppo Tyni, and drummer Anssi Nykänen. Pohjola plays on seven tracks out of nine (one features double bass, and the other was recorded on different session). The band also did live gigs, and this session resulted Nykänen to become the drummer for Pohjola´s band ever since. Excellent album, the band is cooking redhot for example on the title track ("greatest joy"). Hard-to-find CD, label´s been unactive for years. All tracks appear on Kuosmanen-compilation titled "Jyviä ja akanoita" (Amulet WISHCD 52), which is likewise quite hard to find. --Pekka Nissilä
Pekka Pohjola: Sinfonia no 1 (LP: Flamingo Music FGL 4041, CD: Flamingo Music FGCD 4041)
Maija Hapuoja: Suomalaisia kansanlauluja (LP: Bluebird BBLP 1086)
arranger, producer
Sixteen traditional finnish folksongs, sung by soprano Hapuoja. Chamber ensemble arrangements, stringsound dominating. Quite modern approach on many tracks, voice being doubletracked and so on. --Pekka Nissilä
Pedro's Heavy Gentlemen: Eucalypso (LP: Kerberos KEL 691, CD: KECD 691)
Jussi Busk: Enkeleitä ei ole olemassa / Heidi Lintinen: Vastuu (single: Porvoon maalaiskunta PBS-1)
composer (B-side)
A charity single featuring musicians from Porvoo region. The music and lyrics for the B-side were commissioned from well-known artists, Pekka Pohjola and Juice Leskinen respectively.
Pekka Pohjola: Changing Waters (CD: PELPCD 5)
Various artists: Radiomafia: Diffusion (CD: YLE CDY 49)
Track "Changing Waters" (recorded in April 1991)
Lineup: Pohjola, Kantonen, Kanerva, Ounaskari. Different version than PELPCD 5.
Revolver: Revolver (CD: Audiovox AXRCD 1063)
string and horn arrangements on five tracks
Ilkka Rantamäki: Crashing, spacy, free mystery (CD: Rantamaeki Records RRCD 1003)
Bass on "Damn cold day (Funky leg in a jazzy booth)", "On the Hills of Carelia" and "New York Annie". Bass and bass solo on "Silent steps of my Volvo". Bass solo on "Dreamer".
Pekka Pohjola: Live In Japan (CD: Belle Antique BELLE 95109)
Pekka Pohjola: Heavy Jazz (CD: PELPCD 7)
Jussi Hakulinen: Vieraskirja (CD: Flamingo FGCD 4089)
string arrangements
Marja Mattlar: Lumi (CD: MM-Music Isis ISD 962)
bass, arranger, producer
Singer/songwriter Mattlar recorded her debut album in Paris, and has performed more or less regularly especially in Belgium. Her records have also been released by French label Buda. This is her second album ("snow"), and on six tracks out of fourteen is Pohjola´s touring band being featured - Seppo Kantonen (keyboards), Markku Kanerva (acoustic guitar), Anssi Nykänen (drums), and Pohjola, of course, on bass. Individual members appear on various other tracks, mostly with a string quartet. Percussion, flute and kantele (traditional finnish finger-picked string instrument, something like a zither) are also being used on a few tracks. The overall mood of the songs is folkish, Mattlar sings with clear voice, and here and there plays some nylonstring guitar (she has performed solo for years). The emphasis is on the lyrics, which are translated to French and English on the booklet. --Pekka Nissilä
DJ Shadow: Endtroducing... (CD: Mo Wax 697-124123-2)
"Midnight In A Perfect World" features samples from Pohjola song "Sekoilu seestyy"
Pekka Pohjola: Pewit (CD: PELPCD 8)
Seppo Tyni: Niin aina (CD: PELPCD 9)
The second album by guitarist extraordinaire Seppo Tyni, who played with Pohjola during two periods. First, from the late-70´s (Group/"Kätkävaara ..."), and again from mid-80´s ("Flight .../"Space waltz"). Pohjola appears only on the title track ("as always"), playing a solo. Very fine album, released on Pohjola´s own label, like the first one by Tyni too, called A Musical Night (PELPCD 6, 1995). --Pekka Nissilä
Hanna Ekola: Kiitos elämän lahjasta (CD: Sony Columbia COL 4890972)
bass, arranger, producer
Tuppu Orrenmaa Band: Miles Away (CD: TOB-001)
bass (note: this is a live recording)
Hanna Ekola: Joulunaika (CD: Sony Columbia 4929382)
bass, arranger, producer
Dave Lindholm: Punainen + (CD: Ranka RA013)
Dave Lindholm has been a very productive artist, who has thru the years recorded a lot both as a solo artist and with his various bands, in finnish and in english. This album was recorded with session line-up, consisting quite interestingly of pop/rock musicians of different ages. Pohjola plays on eight tracks out of twelve (on four tracks bass is not included). The title translates "red plus". --Pekka Nissilä
Espoo Big Band: Live in Australia (2CD: EBBCD-003)
Pohjola composition "Yesterdays games, parts I, II & III" (24 min 15 sec)
Wolf Larsen: Viapori (CD: Silence SLC 001)
bass on one or more tracks
Margareta Othman-Sundell: Songs of adventure (CD: FGCD-5018)
bass on five tracks
most likely same background tracks as on the 1988 "Visor på äventyr", only sung in English
Hanna Ekola: Enkelin siipien havinaa (CD: Sony Columbia 4998802)
bass, arranger, producer
Tuppu Orrenmaa Band: Funky (CD: TR-8)
Pekka Pohjola: Views (CD: PELPCD 12)
XL: Live Ballet (CD: PELPCD 13)
XL is a modern band, which fuses all kinds of influences into its own music. The use of modern technology is evident, but basically the band always relies on the musicianship of its members. The quartet has built some strong following both with performances and recordings. This collection of live recordings consists of thirteen tracks, and is their third release, which all are released on Pohjola´s label. Pohjola has been featured with the band every now and then, and they have performed some material by him too. None of his music is included here, but he plays on two tracks. --Pekka Nissilä
Olli Ahvenlahti: Grandma's Rocking Chair (Vinyl: Sähkö JAZZPUU-2)
intented for DJ use, features remixes along with the original
UMO Jazz Orchestra: Transit People (CD: Naxos Jazz 86067-2)
composition: "Me (Us) part II"
Tuppu Orrenmaa Band feat. Pepe Ahlqvist: Slam Jam (CD: TOCD02)
SlowHill: Finndisc (CD: Blue Note 7243 536842 2 8)
The track 'Valo' has a sample from Pohjola's song 'Sekoily seestyy'.
Pirkka-Pekka Petelius: Poika varjoisalta kujalta (CD: Ranka Ra 077)
bass on 'Maruzella'
Jukka Perko: Kaanaanmaa (CD: Blue Note 7243 557422 2 3)
Arrangements for 'Suojelusenkeli', 'Jumala ompi linnamme' & 'Oi, muistatko vielä sen virren'.
Hanna Ekola: Et ole yksin (CD: SLEYCD-318)
bass; arrangements & production with Juha Salonen
Kalevala: Anthology (2CD: Shroomangel SAP 004/05)
bass on 'The Song', 'Runaways', 'Turkish Pepper', 'Set In Time', and 'Icebear Walk', recorded in a 1995 session
Orrenmaa Band: Make My Day (CD: TO Records TOCD3)
Beauty And The Beast - UMO Plays The Music Of Pekka Pohjola, Live & Studio 1977-2004 (CD: UMO Productions UMOCD 110)
1. The Plot Thickens (aka Nykivä keskustelu tuntemattoman kanssa) 6:04, studio 1977 | 2. Dancing In The Dark 4:23, studio 1979 | 3. Sampoliini 9:03, studio 1981 | 4. Imppu's Tango 6:16, studio 1981 | 5. Beauty And The Beast 10:44, live 1989 | 6. Metropolitan (aka US, Part 1) 11:05, live 2000 | 7. Views (aka US, Part 2) 7:49, live 2000 | 8. US (aka US, Part 3) 9:19, live 2000 | 9. US (aka US, Part 3) 10:03, live 2004
electric bass on tracks 1-5
Jukka Tolonen Ramblin' Jazz Band: Jazz-Liisa 3 (LP/CD: Svart Records)
violin, electric bass